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Black Boys Dream Too by Aba Joseph

In Black Boys Dream Too by Aba Joseph, readers follow Franklin’s adventure as his dad unveils a world of endless possibilities. This heartwarming tale encourages self-discovery and emphasizes that every dream is valid; there is something for everyone. Never limit yourself, discover your passions, and turn your dreams into reality.

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Hey, Black Boy! You’re the Coolest Kid I Know! by Monique Leonard

This book informs young black boys how important they are in this world, and that their emotions do not mean they are showing weakness. Also, this book is to inform them education is important, to never give up on themselves no matter what is thrown their way, and to know they can still be a cool kid with sincere emotions and phenomenal strength.

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Melanin Born Spelling Bee Kings by Gregory Walton II

Over the course of his academic career, as a devoted Scholar, Walton has passionately researched the positive effects of Spelling instruction which is proven to significantly enhance a child’s ability to read. Fittingly, Melanin Spelling Bee King’s is a book effectively designed to significantly enhance a student’s word decoding ability, which is the foundational skill to reading, and improving their sight recognition. In addition, the book’s material assists students with developing the necessary skills needed to master the alphabetic code. Suitably, this book is precisely designed to efficiently increase both the spelling and reading ability of young boys born into the African diaspora.

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Melanin Born Kings: We are capable of anything by Gregory Walton II

A book precisely designed to enlighten and inspire underrepresented youth of color born into the African diaspora. Walton aims to do this by taking a sociological approach and positively shaping the young minds of these particular youth by empowering them to develop an early growth mindset. Unfortunately, several melanin born boys are raised in disadvantaged environments which lack adequate educational opportunities or community resources.

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Josephine’s Black Box by Nastalgia A. Jenkins

Josephine’s Black Box by Nastalgia A. Jenkins 

Josephine’s Black Box is a heartfelt read about a black family and how they survived in the world of uncertainty, social inequity, and racial discrimination.

Josephine, a mother of four, worked as a teacher in the Billers-Ville Elementary School for Negros. After her husband’s demise in the war, she finds her strength through her children and faith. She managed all children by herself and always encouraged them to respect each other’s culture, follow their dreams, and be proud of their father and the work he did for the rights of African-American people.

She worries about her eldest son, Billy Ray, who is more like her husband, but some kids bully him all the time, and one day, Billy goes missing, and Josephine finds him on the side of the road, all bloody. 

Read this book to know, despite the pain in her heart, how Josephine copes with the challenges and teaches her children that they are capable of making this world a better place to live, where everyone should be treated equally.  

Josephine’s Black Box explores sentiments, thoughtfulness, and worries from a mother’s perspective and, at the same time, shows the strength of a mother.

Pages 52

Perfect for 8+

Grab your copy from Amazon.

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My Black by Kaprice Hardy

My Black empowers our youth to love thy self. Dwelling on self acceptance, it teaches children to embrace their melanin and be their authentic self. Embrace your uniqueness. Embrace your beautiful features despite anyone else’s opinion. Your Black is beautiful!

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I am Brown by Corinne Archard

A story of how skin colour raised questions for one little girl of mixed heritage and how she began to understand her unique and culturally diverse family. Confused that her skin colour is different to the rest of the family, Tyler goes on a thoughtful journey of discovery to establish her identity.

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A Note to My Black Son… by Toya L. Adams-Driscal MEd.

In these times, it is important that we are able to find encouragement, positivity and inspiration any place that we can. A Note to My Black Son… is a positive, encouraging and inspiring note to our Black Sons from their Moms. As I’m sure you are already aware, the relationship between a Mother and her Son is a very close and unique bond that is unparalleled with any other relationship that you will experience.

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ABCs For Black Queens and Kings by Mona Swain

ABCs for Black Queens and Kings will give you an opportunity to teach our black youth; young and older the strong values in knowing who they are as black Queens and Kings, where they come from, and what it means to be black and amazing. Take this fun journey from A… Learning and teaching our black children our roots. To Z… Learning words of encouragement, what makes us unique, promoting positive self-esteem and tea

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My Black Is Beautiful by Joi L. Johnson

Believing and knowing that your skin color is beautiful is important for the younger generation to know. Kindergarten through second grade readers will read this book and understand that being black IS beautiful.