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Dandelion Medicine by Alyson Maier

Did you know that regular plants, commonly called ‘weeds’ can be good for you, or that you could eat them? Join Sammy and his grandad as they explore the benefits of their natural surroundings, and see if you can identify some of these treasures in your own environment today!

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Arba Pema

I was born and raised in Tirana, Albania. Growing up I was always passionate about reading books. I was a very curious little girl, which often I found my self in trouble with my parents and my brother.

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One Big and Three Small by Matthew Lyne-Watt

Four mice gather to feast one night, but one greedy big mouse decides he should eat all the cheese for himself, and quickly falls out with his friends. Left to eat crumbs and mouldy old bread, the smaller mice are determined to take action, even if it means waking up the big scary cat.

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Our World My Roots GHANA by Anna Makanda & Sharmane Barrett

This book is filled from cover to cover with fascinating facts about the wonderful Ghana. Discover everything from landscape to landmarks, school to food, and traditions to culture. You will also learn some basic words and phrases in two of the most widely spoken languages, Asante Twi and Fanti. 70 pages bursting with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations to bring the facts to life and engage your child. A perfect introduction to this amazing country.

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The Sisterhood Bond by Angela Byerson

In sisterhood always remember that you are loved,
you never have to stand alone, and you always have
someone who has your back.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Karina Frederiks

I am the author of the Grumbalina children’s book series . I live on a farm I love animals and playing with my fuzzy friends . I view myself as a creative with an active imagination.

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Plantain Medicine by Alyson Maier

Join Sammy in yet another delightful adventure.

Sammy learns which herbs or plants growing around him are useful in times of need. His friend, Sophie, has been stung on the foot by a Bee, and she needs something to stop the intensity of the sting.
Luckily, Sammy and his mum know exactly how to help her!

This charming sequel to “Dandelion Medicine” teaches us how Plantain can help soothe irritation and inflammation after a bee sting.
Get the entire series to help your children learn the importance of how nature can help in times of need.

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Barb the Bird of Hope by Zowie Norris

A story of friendship, acceptance and hope. In a laburnum tree in the Centre of Bretton Park, lives a unique bird called Barb. Her beauty and originality attract the attention of the other birds and park visitors, who see her as a symbol of hope, bringing them much comfort and happiness. She is loved by many and in return is grateful for her life and her friends. When things take a turn for the worst, Barb’s instinct is to fly away from her troubles … Will things get better? Can hope be restored?

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Alyson Maier

My name is Alyson Maier, I am a Wife, Mother, Naturopath, and Herbalist with a passion for igniting motivation, imagination, inquiry, and deep care for our Earth in all of our Children.

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Grandma Went to Heaven by Dave Thomas

Unfortunately, sometimes children experience the unexpected death of a loved one or friend and struggle to understand it and cope with it. At the same time many parents struggle to help their kids during this difficult time.

This book helps children and parents deal with this complex issue in a simple and comforting way as a young girl named Mya learns to deal with the loss of her grandmother.