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The Adventures of Alex the Pirate: Treasure Island by Tom Oldaker

Alex is a pirate, and being a pirate isn’t easy. In this interactive adventure story, you can join Alex in learning the four sides of a ship, never forgetting to respect the captain and going to battle against a ship full of naughty pirates!

Are you ready to do your part?

“Aye aye, Captain!”

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Patchwork Pollera by Dr. Orissa DePass

It’s almost Clemencia’s 10th birthday and she can hardly wait. This is the year she will get her first Panamanian Pollera and get to walk in the parade. But her excitement turns to disappointment when her sister Sandra finds out that there is no money for Clemencia’s pollera. But can Abuela use the powers of love and family to make Clemencia’s dream come true?
Patchwork Pollera will remind us all that Family is everything!

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Dr. Orissa DePass

I am Dr. Orissa DePass, an educator of many years. I live in Georgia and have one adult daughter named Clemencia. My mother, also named Clemencia was born in the country Panama. My first book, Clemencia, A Panamanian Cinderella was written to share the beautiful culture of Panama.

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Today’s the Day!: Luna Meets Lily by Sonia Cordero Kueng

Luna has just moved to a new home, and she is lonely. But when she meets a tiny caterpillar in the backyard forest, everything changes. Now, Luna has someone to visit each day. The next morning, Luna runs to see her new friend, but the tiny caterpillar has disappeared, and Luna worries she’ll never make new friends after all…

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Potty Project: Let’s Learn Together! by Nicole Minard

This charming book takes kids through the steps of potty training, from gathering materials to celebrating success. It’s a perfect companion for parents and caregivers looking to make the potty training experience positive and enjoyable. “Potty Project” encourages persistence, learning, and, most importantly, the joy of growing up.

Introducing - 2
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Meet Our Fabulous Author Nicole Minard

My name is Nicole Minard, and I’m not only a mother but also a Behavior Analyst who deeply values the transformative journey of parenting. I find immense joy in the little moments that make up this adventure. My passion lies in empowering parents, guiding them to replace stress with joy by fostering confidence in their parenting skills. Apart from writing, I prioritize spending quality time with my family. I’m also the founder of an Applied Behavior Analysis agency and a co-founder of a Babysitting organization, which further enriches my understanding of child development and family dynamics.

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Pepper The Runaway Dog by Angela Nuttall

The story of Pepper is aimed at children who are experiencing a baby brother or sister coming into the family.

The feelings of insecurity and uncertainty they feel about this new addition and the possible changes it will bring to their life are echoed through Peppers own experience.

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Five Forest Friends by Angela Nuttall

A heart warming story of kindness and friendship.

Four forest friends, Hoggy the hedgehog, Mimi the magpie, High Top the hare and Oakley the owl, find themselves homeless, when the oak tree where they live is chopped down.

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The Magical Kite by Regine A. Duvilaire, Justine A. P. Louis

The annual kite tournament is here! Anaïs and Alex are more than prepared and well equipped with their special kites, optimistic about this year’s event. However, they face many obstacles. Challenging rounds, unpredictable events and even a mischievous competitor try to interfere with Anaïs and Alex’s chances at success. Can the dynamic duo overcome these hurdles and become victorious in this year’s kite tournament?

Dive into this magical and adventurous story which displays the art of kite flying, its traditions and versatility while also touching on family love and values.

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Up in Space:Lindie Lou Adventure Series Book 2

When Lindie Lou’s plane lands in the Emerald City (Seattle), a new adventure begins! Lindie Lou says goodbye to her travel companion, Max and wonders if she’ll ever see him again. Her new owners introduce her to life on a lake, flying fish in Pike Place Market, the gum wall, and the Space Needle. Follow Lindie Lou as she learns SEL lessons, swims for the first time, watches orca whales in Puget Sound, and goes “up in space”. Readers will remember Lindie Lou’s bravery when faced with fears of their own. They will also see SEL examples when she develops self-esteem, courage, determination, and compassion for others.