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Xander’s Linda Manita by Vanessa Pardo-Suazo

Xander wants to see his abuela. Sadly, his grandmother is thousands of miles away. Thankfully, Xander can connect with her through technology and a traditional song. Raise your hand and join Xander as he sings with his abuela.

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I Woke Up by Terance Shipman

I Woke Up! is a motivational book to get every kid’s (and adults too) day started in a positive way. Dr. Terance Shipman, author of Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles, has fired up classes for learning and life using the mantra showcased in this book for years, and he’s witnessed it excite, motivate, and encourage students of all ages.

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10 Tips From The Tooth Fairy by The Tooth Fairy( Edie Higby)

The Tooth Fairy is a longtime family favorite tradition and is a magical part of childhood. When that 1st tooth comes loose, this is the book to have in hand!

10 Tips From The Tooth Fairy is a creative way to teach kids about how to take care of their smiles, encourage good oral hygiene habits, and encourage them to believe in someone magical!

We often underestimate the impact of a smile. So get ready to meet the magical Tooth Fairy who educates us all about the importance of baby teeth, what we eat and that our smile can make a big difference on those who need it. Being kind and trying hard things are part of the “Tooth Fairy’s” special message to:

#BELIEVE#BeBrave#BeKind#SMILE #Sparkle&Shine!

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Buckley is a Busy Boy by Susan H. Hines

Join in on the adventures of Buckley, the Standard Schnauzer. He learns healthy routines, explores the outdoors, and learns the meaning of family.

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Buckley’s Family Fishing Trip by Susan H. Hines

Buckley’s Family Fishing Trip is another thrilling adventure with your favorite Schnauzer pup, Buckley. It is the delightful second installment of the heartwarming children’s series by Author Susan H. Hines. Join Buckley as he explores the outdoors and embarks on exciting journeys with his loving family. Follow along and watch as Buckley learns new skills and overcomes challenges, all while having a blast. Buckley’s Family Fishing Trip will ignite your child’s love for reading, teaching them to read aloud, discover new rhyming words, and identify sight words. Children will enjoy the vibrant and captivating illustrations that will transport them to a world of wonder. Buckley’s Family Fishing Trip is a book that will inspire and delight your little ones’ imagination and problem-solving skills.

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Black Boys Dream Too by Aba Joseph

In Black Boys Dream Too by Aba Joseph, readers follow Franklin’s adventure as his dad unveils a world of endless possibilities. This heartwarming tale encourages self-discovery and emphasizes that every dream is valid; there is something for everyone. Never limit yourself, discover your passions, and turn your dreams into reality.

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The Kingdom Of Ash And Ember by Sydnie Beaupré

sh Light, a young girl living in the tranquil city of Pointe-Claire, had always been different. Unlike her peers, she found solace in the quiet company of animals and the untamed beauty of nature, and she often skipped school to get away from it all. Little did she know that her unique connection with the world around her was but a shadow of a much larger destiny yet to come. Ash didn’t know that there were whispers in another world called Luna, about a prophecy revolving around twins who would change the fate of their realm, Helios, forever. A prophecy, of two sisters born under the light of the Winter Moon, sisters who would unite Luna and the other kingdoms of Helios, and get rid of the encroaching Waste.

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Life With Mikey by Mike Lee

Mikey is an only child who wants someone to play with. Using his imagination, he discovers Loyal, his imaginary friend. Loyal and Mikey play the day away, beginning a friendship that will last a lifetime.

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The Adventures of Mansa & YaYa by Niya S Johnson

Journey with Mansa and YaYa as they visit the library and read about incredible kings and queens who changed the world. Mansa feels empowered as he learns how rich and royal his history is.

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Lauryn That’s Me by Ms Lauryn Rose Teixeira

Lauryn That’s Me: The journey of a powerful African Girl tells us the story of Lauryn, a 9-year-old girl from London who is proud of her African Portuguese roots. Her mother is from Cape Verde Islands, and her father is from Sao Tomé e Principe. She takes us into her world and shares her journey of being raised by a single mother after her dad left the family during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a powerful testimony of a young girl who dreams of living in a world where everyone is treated equally. It is a story of courage, hope, Black representation and self-love. Lauryn is officially the youngest author of Afro-Portuguese descent to publish a book in the UK.