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Let’s Eat Cake (Oinkers and Bananas Book 3) by Chandra Lockett

With a basket filled to the brim with scrumptious foods, they’re all set for a fun-filled picnic. But, oh no, will a mountain of cake lead them astray from their healthy treats?

Come along on this fun-packed adventure as Oinkers and Bananas learn about the value of making new friends feel welcome, and the importance of keeping a balanced diet.

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Bubble Trouble (Oinkers and Bananas Book 2) by Chandra Lockett

Bubble Trouble is the second book in the Bananas and Oinkers series. In this exciting story, we learn about the wisdom of following instructions.

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What’s in a Name (Oinkers and Bananas) by Chandra Lockett

Meet Oinkers and Bananas.
They love to have fun and play games. Until one day, when someone asks why their names are so different. Oinkers is a monkey and Bananas is a pig. Isn’t that a little strange?
What’s in a name is a story about finding out that every child is special, no matter how different they look or how strange their name sounds.

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Corky the Quirky Cow: The Cuckoo Concert by Lavelle Carlson

Dive into the delightful world of “Corky the Quirky Cow and the Cuckoo Concert,” a charming tale that will capture the hearts of children and adults alike. This whimsical storybook in the genre of Shel Silverstein introduces young readers to Corky, a not-so-ordinary cow with a very special talent. She can mimic the sounds of any farm animal!

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Berkley the Dog in A Noseful of Trouble by David Hillman

Berkley has a huge nose and is always sticking it where it doesn’t belong, always getting into trouble. Can Berkley ever find a way to put his super sniffer to good use? This is a fun and funny story of how being a little bit different can be an asset, not a disadvantage.

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Hiccup’s Safe Splash Spectacular by Dave Ball

Introducing “Safe Splash Spectacular – Safe Waters, Happy Hoppers: A Toddler’s Guide to Pool Play” – The Ultimate Pool Safety Adventure for Your Little One!
Dive into a world where fun meets safety with “Safe Splash Spectacular”! Designed for toddlers aged 3-5, this delightful book brings essential pool safety lessons to life through engaging rhymes, vibrant illustrations, and the charming adventures of Hiccup and friends.

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Bertie and the Garden of Wonders by Mandy Woolf

Bertie the beachball feels invisible and alone. He wishes he had a friend to share his dreams and adventures. One day, he finds himself in a beautiful garden, where he meets Puff Ball, a dandelion who wants to fly with the wind.

Together, they explore the garden’s wonders – and its dangers – learning that friendship can blossom in the most unexpected places.

Join Bertie and Puff Ball in this lovely story of bravery and loyalty between an unlikely pair of friends!

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The Magic Nanny: What’s for dinner? by Wanda Taylor

The Magic Nanny is a captivating children’s book series about a nanny with extraordinary abilities.

In “What’s for Dinner?” twins Ismail and Isaac are convinced that their nanny is magical! That’s because she always seems to know everything, even things that happen when she’s not present!

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The Sorry Seeds by Tina Shepardson

Saying the words “I’m sorry” isn’t always easy and sometimes words alone don’t feel like enough. But with a courageous heart, finding a way to ask for forgiveness can make even rotten feelings grow into something sweet. With illustrations that reflect the warmth and emotional depth of the story, young readers will look to this book as a reminder of the power within themselves to make positive choices even when it feels hard to do so. It’s an excellent tool for caregivers and educators to open a discussion on making mistakes and asking for forgiveness, and will be a welcome addition to any library or classroom collection.

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The Imaginary Adventures of Outer Backyard by Iqra Hanif Vakil

She is a curious young girl with a magical backyard that serves as a portal to a secret planet. Here, one can befriend alligators, master spells, and embark on daring quests filled with enchanting mermaids, enigmatic forests, and surprising wonders.