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Let’s Embark! Leave Your Mark! by Richelle M Hudson

“Now here is a secret you should know; you don’t have to follow the ‘status quo.’ You may feel pressure, and that’s ok. You’re going to leave your mark someday!”

Embark on an exciting adventure with a zany cast of characters who explore, discover and inspire young minds to dream, imagine and think BIG! Readers will learn that believing in themselves, being kind to others, and remaining hopeful is the key to achieving their greatest goals.

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The Sunshine Rock by Tahiya Cooper

The Sunshine Rock: A Story About Empathy tells the story of Alexis, who has just moved to Maryland with her mom and brother while her dad is away in the army. The book begins the night before Alexis’ first day at her new school, when her brother gives her a Sunshine Rock to use whenever she needs support. The rock is quickly put to the test as Alexis navigates her first day full of nerves. After an embarrassing moment leaves Alexis feeling sad, a lesson from the school counselor brings forth a positive discussion about seeing things from others’ perspectives and practicing empathy.

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The Monster Hotel by Mark Kibbe, Susan Kibbe

The Monster Hotel is a story about Halloween, monsters, and the Monster Hotel, a place where monsters stay during weekends and Howlidays. Two children want to go to the hotel to see it for themselves but they are warned that they may scare the monsters, who have never seen children. Experience the hotel for yourself and see what it’s like with your very own eyes.

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Dogfish, Just be YOU! by Rita Reed

Will Dogfish save the day? Dogfish sets out on an exciting Arctic adventure to see the glistening northern lights. Along the way he meets many talented friends and a baby bear who is in BIG trouble! Join Dogfish on his journey of self-esteem, confidence, and self-acceptance, as he travels the icy waters of the North!

Following the crowd isn’t always the best thing to do. Everyone has their own special gifts and talents, so just be YOU!

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I am Happy To Be With You by Heather Meades

Out of the mouth of a babe!
In this colorful and delightful story, baby Theo shares his experience of being the sparkle in his parents’ eyes as they tenderly care for his needs. He grows joy as he discovers that his family is happy to be with him.

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ROXOLANA’S RUSHNIK: A Brave Ukrainian Girl’s Journey by Victoria Mriya

This book will spark curiosity while instilling bravery and hope in your little one as you explore the culture, tradition and current events of Ukraine. It can inspire your child to be aware and connected with people around the world and their experiences.

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Always and Forever by Dr. Dana Edwards

Always and Forever is a support guide to help children cope with feelings of grief and loss, whether it’s a grandparent, close relative, or friend in a safe environment. Follow the journey of Cameron, a child who has recently learned that his Grandma Nae has passed away

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Alpaca in My Pocket by Karen L Cantley

When her family moves to an unfamiliar town, Katie is very lonely, and worried about starting school in the fall. She makes some unusual friends on the farm next door who fill her summer with laughter and fun! With September quickly approaching, Katie’s new friends give her an idea that will let her take their love with her wherever she goes, and help her to be brave wherever she is scared or worried.

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Embrace Your Skin, Embrace Yourself by Dr Haley D. Heibel

Meet Gabrielle, Celine, and Salvatore, three kids with almost nothing in common―until each one develops a skin disease. As their conditions worsen, their worlds are turned upside down. The three children feel afraid and lonely, and they are left out by friends from school. Follow along as Gabrielle, Celine, and Salvatore get help for their conditions and help each other in return. Their individual journeys teach us about belonging, inclusivity, purpose, and the joy that comes with helping others.

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Did You Say Baby? by Kelly Melton

Did You Say Baby? is a book about Raylan’s emotions as he prepares for his new sibling to arrive. Raylan has been an only child for six years and now his mother is having a baby. He isn’t thrilled about having a sibling, because that means change. How will things change when a baby comes? What will remain the same? Raylan thinks about how great his relationship is with his parents, and all the great things they do together. Raylan also thinks about having to share his time and helping take care of the baby. In the end, he realizes there is value in being a big brother. He becomes excited about his journey when he lays his eyes on his new baby sister!