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Adrian and the washing machine By Gabriela Charatsari

An exceptionally talented little boy called Adrian receives an unusual gift from a stranger.

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I AM ME: a Journal of Positive Affirmations for Kids By Angelica R. Clark

“I Am Me” is a journal of positive affirmations with the intent to encourage children to look within and find their own power and confidence.

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Miracle Malcolm by Ariel Simmons

From the moment Malcolm was born, his parents knew he would be one of a kind! However, what they didn’t know is that their little Malcolm would make his mark on the world in a very special way. Born prematurely at only one pound, Malcolm would soon become the strongest little person his parents could ever know! His sweet heart, determination, and keen observations of the world around him are what gave him the name Miracle Malcolm!

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Magic Word By Erica Asare

This book is about a girl called Sophie, who is very impatient. In the story, as Sophie goes into a flower shop with her mum, she sees a plant pot which she really wants and requests that her mum buy it. Sophies’ mum does not buy the plant pot, because she wants to teach her how to have patience while she waits for Sophie to say the magic word “PLEASE!”.

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My Mammy Knows Everything By Emma Ledden

To small children their mammy’s are their world, they are the fixers, the co-pilots, the movers and shakers in their every day. They can find lost stuff, cook, comfort, cure, play and even send their kids to sleep – sometimes! This book is a celebration of all mammy’s out there and their super- powers.

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Imani & DeShawn And The Power Of TRUTH By Justin Stanley

This is a story all about the power of the truth. The importance of the truth is shown throughout this story and why it is important to always be truthful no matter what situation that you are in. Join Imani and DeShawn on finding the power of the Truth

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Piper and the Acorns By Ana Cybela

Piper’s family is always busy. Her mom and big sister, Susie, never have time to play with her. When Piper stumbles upon a group of friendly squirrels in her attic, she finally feels like she has found someone to play with! Soon though, mom finds out about Piper’s squirrel friends and learns an important lesson. she must remember to slow down and be present with each of her children.

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Susie and the Dandelions By Ana Cybela

Susie’s parents are divorced. She can’t understand why they don’t all live in the same house anymore, and she gets tired of traveling between two homes all the time. What’s more, Susie loves dandelions, and she doesn’t know why her dad doesn’t like having them in his lawn.

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The Great Wheat story by Corey Russell

Have you ever thought about why you are here? Have you ever dreamed of your destiny? The road to becoming all that we’re meant to be isn’t always easy. Sometimes the unknown can be frightening, as Little Wheat Stalk will soon find out. Will he allow fear to set in? Fear meets faith in this heartwarming tale of one wheat stalk’s journey to living out his purpose.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Corey Russell

Hi, I’m Corey and I am a writer and self-published author of three children’s books.