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Anyone Can Be a Superhero by Nicki Streeter

Colt and Papa are the very best of friends. Their bond is unique and one of a kind. Papa always asks, “In a world where you can be anything, what would you be?” Colt responds, “I want to be it all!” Colt is a fearless little boy who loves to imagine a world that is filled with excitement and thrills. A simple conversation between the two of them leads Colt on an adventurous tale. His mind is filled with all the magical possibilities and dreams, because in a world where you can be anything, he wants to be it all…and have fun!

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An Awakening of My Kid Human Powers by Marlitta Smith

An Awakening of My Kid Human Powers allows the child to raise expectations of others to do what is right, to make the world a better place. It addresses the strengths within them that make them uniquely themselves. An Awakening of My Kid Human Powers touches on the unique self and the unique qualities and energies they possess to enlighten hearts to bring about good deeds and changes. No one is too small that they can’t make a positive change in their surroundings or the world.

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The Adventures of The DeMelans: Carnival Catastrophe by Caris Greyson, Aminat Bashorun

The DeMelans are a superhero family who live in a busy metropolitan city. In this storybook follow them on this action packed adventure as they go to the carnival and help save the day!

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The Amazingly Awesome Amani by Jamiyl Samuels

Amani Taylor is a boy of few words until he falls asleep. When night falls, he becomes AWESOME AMANI crime-fighting superhero and defender of all that is good. W.R.E.a.C Havoc Heroes series presents the story of a boy who takes on life’s challenges by day, but is a perfectly normal avenger in his dreams. This is a tale of PERSEVERANCE and the power of a great imagination.

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The Secret Super Sisters: The Return of the Soul Destroyer! by Lara Oluwamuyiwa

After defeating the Soul Destroyer, Serenity and Annabelle believe that he is gone for good. Their powers have strengthened, and life has returned to some normalcy. But things are not as they seem, especially when new girl, Daina joins Serenity’s class and starts acting strange.

The sisters sense that Daina is hiding something. Something dark and secret. Something that could be the key to their survival or their downfall. But will Daina confess?

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Serenity and Annabelle are no ordinary sisters — they’re secret superheroes!
After discovering their special powers, the sisters dedicate their spare time to helping those in trouble, whilst also keeping their identities a secret. But Serenity and Annabelle soon find out that they will have to face something much bigger than petty criminals. A dark evil has spread across the globe, with a name so fearsome that the entire world fears it. The Soul Destroyer!
Will Serenity and Annabelle be able to stop it before it’s too late? Or will the evil enemy remain no matter what they do?

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The Superheroes on Your Plate by Tansy Boggon



From avocado to kiwi and around to egg and look out for brown rice! Each food is on a mission to declare themselves the winner. It may be hard to digest at times, but some have an incredibly good reason for being a true champion.

You will have to help them decide…

Combine story time with educating children about nutrition and inspiring them to eat a wider variety of wholefoods. This book aims to be a conversation starter as to what other foods children would bring to the plate as superheroes, either because they enjoy them or for health-promoting benefits.

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You’ve got to be Kidneying Me! by Stephanie Severino

Nolan is our four-year-old son, who was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease called Nephrotic Syndrome at age 3. It came out of nowhere for us, and it set our lives on a different path then we had imagined. As we visit the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia frequently, We saw many different kids who were all fighting diseases of their own. It was heartbreaking as a mother to see children of all ages going through these trials of life that should never be. Our older son mentioned writing a book that would help kids who were feeling sad or discouraged realize they are not alone and there are so many kids like them! Each child is fighting their own fight to survive, and their families are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions. When we think about superheroes, we tend to think of Batman, Superman, and Captain America. However, when we see young children faced with the burden of disease fighting for their lives, we see what real life superheroes are.

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The Fabulous Story of Wonder Mama!: The Super-Hero Glambassador by Renny Roccon

“We Can All be Super-Heroes in Our Own Way!”
She is Defender of the Defenceless and Friend of the Fabulous!

A Super-Hero Parody with Heart!

Discover the untold story of Australia’s very own Glambassador of Love and Equality, and Super-Hero Adventuress – The Fabulous Wonder Mama!

‘The Fabulous Story of Wonder Mama’ is a colourful dive into Wonder Mama’s super-heroic world representing inclusivity and diversity and her message of love and acceptance!

Join Wonder Mama in her very first fully illustrated origin storybook adventure for kids and adults alike.

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The Heroic Adventure of Dino and Milo by Daphnir C. Joisil

Two brothers and their friends go on a journey to make a difference in their community and to restore hope in the lives of others. How can you make a difference in your community?

GRANDMA!DeMario Brown

We all know that grandparents love their grandchildren. But in most cases, the fun turns into a learning experience. With Kingsley, it's all the time. Grandma always finds a way to get on his last little nerve. Will he get to have fun like a kid should? Or will his grandma find a way to bother him yet again. Read along and find out!!