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The Putaway Monster by Omowunmi Akinyoade

Step into a delightful mystery of disappearing toys! Join Temi, a spirited little girl who discovers the enchanting realm of the Putaway monster in this heartwarming tale.

Not everyone enjoys cleaning up after a fun-filled day, and Temi was no exception. That is, until a mysterious character entered her life—the legendary Putaway monster. But is this fantastical creature real, or just a figment of her imagination?

In this beautifully narrated story, young readers will follow Temi on her journey of self-discovery and newfound appreciation for keeping her surroundings tidy. Accompanied by lovely illustrations from Amina Yaqoob, this captivating book is perfect for engaging read-aloud sessions that are sure to elicit giggles from both children and adults alike.

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No-No Square by Jai’Colby’E Kirvin

“No-No Square” does this by using three common examples in a child-friendly way that is easy to understand. This will aid children to recognize when it’s important to say no if strangers, other children, and family members who try to touch them inappropriately.

This book serves as a conversation starter for young children to discuss with their parents about bad touch by illustrating predators as monsters. With this book, children will learn what body boundaries are, how to sense danger when people want to touch them, know that no one should touch them inappropriately, and tell an adult.

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The Monster Hotel by Mark Kibbe, Susan Kibbe

The Monster Hotel is a story about Halloween, monsters, and the Monster Hotel, a place where monsters stay during weekends and Howlidays. Two children want to go to the hotel to see it for themselves but they are warned that they may scare the monsters, who have never seen children. Experience the hotel for yourself and see what it’s like with your very own eyes.

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Cloud Monsters by Francine Piriano-Davila

Jack is expecting to spend the day celebrating his little brother Charlies birthday, but the universe has something very different in store. During the party, his family’s world is turned upside down by some uninvited guests-cloud monsters. After watching family and friends be abducted by these strange creatures, Jack embarks on a journey to save his family, while trying to understand the motives of the seemingly villainous group.
Will they make it to safety in time? Or are they in more danger if they flee? Follow along with Jack, Charlie, and their parents as they struggle to understand the cloud monsters and accept their new reality.

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Meet Your Monster Match by Julie Jones-Hunton

If you’re looking for a new best friend, you’re in luck! Meet Your Monster Match is inspired by game shows from the 1980s. Each monster will introduce themselves, and you will learn a little about their interests and personalities. At the end, you choose which monster you’d like as your new BFF. The rhymes and silly illustrations are sure to entertain monster lovers of all ages!

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Daniel’s Dreams: Monster Mountain By Leanne Brown

Daniel is feeling worried. He must do something at school that he finds difficult. But when he meets Dex and is taken to the magical world of monster mountain. Daniel finds the tools he needs to cope. He notices that some of the monsters are just as worried as he is. When it comes to the big day at school; will Daniel be able to keep his cool?

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Maggie Monroe meets a Monster By Rikkianisha Hunt

This is such a cute and interesting story with a slightly spooky feel , I’m sure children will enjoy reading this book.