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Meet Our Fabulous Author Zeina Dopierala

I am a mom of 3 boys, a high school math teacher, a wife, and an entrepreneur. My book, My Fairy Sisters: Leo and Bear, has been a source of joy for many as the proceeds of the sale have gone to my annual holiday gift drives geared towards children who live in group homes

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Harmony Dances On by Mandy Woolf

When Harmony’s mummy dies, the pain is worse than any Ouchy she has ever had and it won’t go away. Then she stumbles on something special of mummy’s and its comfort helps her navigate the difficult journey through grief. ​​​​​​​This heart-warming story helps children understand the grieving process in an open and gentle way.

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Always and Forever by Dr. Dana Edwards

Always and Forever is a support guide to help children cope with feelings of grief and loss, whether it’s a grandparent, close relative, or friend in a safe environment. Follow the journey of Cameron, a child who has recently learned that his Grandma Nae has passed away

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Kaygan’s Adventures: Save Silly Millie! by Darcele Cole-Robinson

In this story we get a glimpse of a child who encounters the reality of death. My granddaughter lost her dog, Millie, who was her best friend. I wanted to help her heal by writing this story about her little friend, and to let her know how much Nana Darcele loves her.

As you read this book with your child, grandchild, or student, remember that this story might bring back memories for them. Feel free to talk about their memories, how they hurt, how they handled this hurt, and how friends are there to support each other during times like these.

Some children, when facing a difficult emotion or a trauma, will ask questions and wonder aloud about the characters in this book. Other children are content to just listen and take it all in.

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Gabe’s Christmas Wish by Katrina Doucet

A young boy’s grief and a heartfelt Christmas wish give way to a magical adventure of hope.

It’s the first Christmas Eve without his loving parents, and a grief-stricken child named Gabe has a sad heart. Mourning their absence, the despondent boy makes a wish that changes his lonely night into one of adventure. Through a dreamily illustrated text, author Katrina Doucet masterfully weaves a poignant story of hope about dealing with loss.

A story of grief and hope conveying that a parent’s love endures forever.

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Charlotte’s Shoes by Alyssa Kent

Explaining loss and absence to children can be distressing and challenging for parents/ carers and children.

Charlotte’s Shoes is a book that helps to make this situation that bit easier.

Madeleine & Charlotte are the very best of friends, inseparable and with an unbreakable bond. Until one day when Charlotte has to leave and move away, but she gifts Madeleine a very special gift that will always keep them connected and in each other’s hearts and minds.

Sometimes little things help make big things a bit better and best friends have a way of helping us find light in dark times. Join Charlotte and Madeleine as they find their way through sad times together.

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Grandma Went to Heaven by Dave Thomas

Unfortunately, sometimes children experience the unexpected death of a loved one or friend and struggle to understand it and cope with it. At the same time many parents struggle to help their kids during this difficult time.

This book helps children and parents deal with this complex issue in a simple and comforting way as a young girl named Mya learns to deal with the loss of her grandmother.

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Daisy the Angel by Melanie N Ruiz

A grandmother’s love is forever. Perfect for those who have lost a grandparent or simply looking for a heartwarming story about our loving grandmothers.