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Eli Finds His Zen by Ginette Valiquette

Eli isn’t your typical German Shorthaired Pointer. He discovers early on that he doesn’t enjoy the usual Pointer activities. Joining in his mom’s yoga classes, Eli learns to stay present and grounded through his breath, to honour his true self, and he learns to let his light shine brightly. Join us as Eli shares what he has learned about finding his Zen while being mindful on his red yoga mat.

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Pawsatively Different: Meeting New Friends by Adam Snider

Pawsatively Different is a children’s book about a group of canine friends playing at the park. When they see another dog playing alone, they take it upon themselves to invite the other dog so they don’t feel left out and alone. This book is about inclusion and emphasizes that even though people may be different and look differently, we need to make sure to inclde them so they don’t feel isolated. Everyone deserves a chance to have friends and to be accepted for who they are, despite their differences.

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Penny the Puppy by Darlene Paschall

Penny the Puppy just found her forever home, and she couldn’t be happier! Penny wants to show her new owners just how much she loves being a part of their family. Penny comes up with all sorts of ideas to show her love. However, this also creates quite a few messes too. Penny learns that the best way to show your love is just by being yourself.

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The Adventures of Kip by Shelley Shultz

Kip is a happy, playful little dog who enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. He introduces his young readers to different modes of transportation as he experiences several different countries, and the unique qualities each one offers. It is not only a fun read, but educational too. One will get insight into his friendly personality from the very start. He doesn’t like being left home, and will be on his best behavior so that he gets to go with his human family. He embarks on a family trip to France, Spain and Rome, where he has the time of his life. He samples the food in every country he visits, dances in the street, sits in cafes, and visits the monkeys. When he finally arrives home, Kip settles into his normal calm demeanor, and happily joins his mom in a yoga practice.

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Blessings Are For Dogs Too by Maurice McFadden

Blessings Are For Dogs Too is one dog’s journey of acceptance, love, family, happiness and the proof that blessings do come true.

Maurice McFadden was inspired to write his first children’s book, Blessings Are For Dogs Too, after he adopted his cocker spaniel, Oliver, from an animal shelter. For Maurice, family is everything and Oliver became an integral member of his family.

A percentage of proceeds from the book and merchandise will be donated to animal rescue shelters.

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Hi, I’m Fox! by Caroline Kerfoot

“Hi, I’m Fox!” is the first of a series of children’s picture books called the Adventures of Fox. They feature a dog called Fox.

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I Spy With My Boxer Eye by Linda Ward

I Spy With My Boxer Eye is a poem that tells the story of our Boxer dog, Ginger as we traveled and moved our children throughout Texas as we were going through life changes. We got her as a puppy when we had retired, were experiencing empty nest, our children moving and getting married and having children of their own. Our family has traveled throughout the great state of Texas; the Desert and Mountains, the Hill Country, the Coastal Wetlands and the Great Plains and Prairies; and our Ginger has been an inquisitive explorer in all the many landscapes we have had the joy to visit and live. This is her story in poetry form and the extraordinary illustrations that bring her story to life.

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Roxy and Tully: Words Matter by Hillary Sussman

In this colorful read-aloud picture book, Roxy is a lovable three-legged dog nervous about starting school and wearing her new prosthesis. Clementine the pig befriends her, but “Tully the Bully” steals Roxy’s bone and makes fun of her leg. The other animals hear what he says and join Roxy in telling Tully his words are hurtful. Tully realizes he is wrong, apologizes, and learns that words matter. Roxy’s new adventure teaches us that words are powerful and that it is never okay to speak badly to others. The reader learns that what you say and how you say it can have a very strong impact.

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Roxy and Maliboo: It’s Okay to Be Different by Hillary Sussman

In this super cute and playful read-aloud picture book, Roxy is a lovable dog who has lost a leg because she was sick, and is now faced with accepting this difficult new change. She sleeps on the couch and dreams of going to the dog park to play. When she is healed, she finally gets to go. Once there, she sees a dog sitting all alone, looking sad. His name is Maliboo and he is different too. Roxy goes over and tells him about her own experiences and insecurities, which helps Maliboo to overcome his fears. He and Roxy go and play with the other dogs, who accept them just fine despite their unique features. The lesson they both learn is that it’s okay to be different.

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Happy Harlow: The Tail of an Emotional Support Dog by Jordyn Croft

This is the story of a special Bernese Mountain Dog named Harlow, the very real dog that belongs to book author Jordyn Croft. Harlow works as an ESA Support K-9 (certified emotional support dog) and shares a special bond with her human. Illustrations and events in this book are based on real adventures the two have had together. This “tail” is going to open your mind and heart to partnerships like this one.