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Pepper The Runaway Dog by Angela Nuttall

The story of Pepper is aimed at children who are experiencing a baby brother or sister coming into the family.

The feelings of insecurity and uncertainty they feel about this new addition and the possible changes it will bring to their life are echoed through Peppers own experience.

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Up in Space:Lindie Lou Adventure Series Book 2

When Lindie Lou’s plane lands in the Emerald City (Seattle), a new adventure begins! Lindie Lou says goodbye to her travel companion, Max and wonders if she’ll ever see him again. Her new owners introduce her to life on a lake, flying fish in Pike Place Market, the gum wall, and the Space Needle. Follow Lindie Lou as she learns SEL lessons, swims for the first time, watches orca whales in Puget Sound, and goes “up in space”. Readers will remember Lindie Lou’s bravery when faced with fears of their own. They will also see SEL examples when she develops self-esteem, courage, determination, and compassion for others.

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Buckley is a Busy Boy by Susan H. Hines

Join in on the adventures of Buckley, the Standard Schnauzer. He learns healthy routines, explores the outdoors, and learns the meaning of family.

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Buckley’s Family Fishing Trip by Susan H. Hines

Buckley’s Family Fishing Trip is another thrilling adventure with your favorite Schnauzer pup, Buckley. It is the delightful second installment of the heartwarming children’s series by Author Susan H. Hines. Join Buckley as he explores the outdoors and embarks on exciting journeys with his loving family. Follow along and watch as Buckley learns new skills and overcomes challenges, all while having a blast. Buckley’s Family Fishing Trip will ignite your child’s love for reading, teaching them to read aloud, discover new rhyming words, and identify sight words. Children will enjoy the vibrant and captivating illustrations that will transport them to a world of wonder. Buckley’s Family Fishing Trip is a book that will inspire and delight your little ones’ imagination and problem-solving skills.

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Lovable Lucky by Jon Finkel

Lovable Lucky is the story of Hannah Banana’s adventurous, child-longing New York City parents, who trek to a Pennsylvania farm hoping to find a one-of-a-kind golden-doodle. Hannah’s parents discover more than they bargained for when a mischievous, rambunctious, yet incredibly lovable puppy becomes the serendipitous spark for their growing family.

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Dolly’s Doodle Dreams by Melissa Eastin

In Dolly’s Doodle Dreams: An Interactive Tale of Perseverance and Growth Mindset, readers join Dolly on a journey of self-discovery. Through her humorous adventures, Dolly learns the invaluable lessons of diligence, determination, and a positive outlook as she embarks on a quest to master the art of walking gracefully on a leash. Can she resist all of the thrilling distractions around her?

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Bandit Finds a Home by J.A. Hall

Come along with me and follow the adventures of Bandit, a speckled little puppy from the big city. Hold your breath as Bandit tumbles out of Uncle Bill’s truck and is almost eaten by a coyote! Be there when Bandit arrives at Little Meadow Farm, his forever home. Meet the old farm dog, Ruby, who teaches Bandit the ways of a country dog. Enjoy the adventure in this first book in a series that will follow Bandit as he grows and learns from many endearing characters.

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Snack Time for Parker the Pup by Sabrina Lee

Yum, yum!
Parker the pup loves to eat!
But what foods can help keep him healthy?
Join Parker and his humans on their quest to find out what Parker can eat!

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Nobody’s Nola by Heather & Emil Gretarsson

Nobody’s Nola is a heartwarming story for anyone whose heart has ached for a place to belong. Based on a true story, this “tail” follows a special little puppy facing big disappointments who keeps hoping her dreams will come true.

Follow along to see if Nola finds anyone as committed to loving her as she is to loving them…even if she hasn’t met them yet.

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Heroic Rescue by Michelle M Deyarmin

A Zoo day talent show with the family turns into a day they will all never forget. Sandy and Max find a lost baby monkey that needs to return to his family. They meet a few nice animals to help them and a few not so nice animals that hinder their journey. Once the monkey is safe there seems to not be. enough time to get back to the talent show. Will Sandy and Max make it back to the talent show in time to see Shelby perform?