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If Shapes Could Talk by Rella B.

“Introducing ‘If Shapes Could Talk’ – a charming children’s book by Rella B. Join young readers on a delightful journey into the world of shapes and families. In this heartwarming tale, Rhombus learns the importance of family, love, and gratitude. With engaging storytelling and colorful illustrations, this book teaches kids about acceptance and the joy of being unique. Order now to share this valuable lesson with your child and celebrate the beauty of love and diversity in families!”

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The World Needs a Uniquely Happy You by Makida Arshi

“In a town not far from here,
There lived a group of friends,
They all had different heritage,
And very different ends.”

This group of friends is different.
They are different because they are different.

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Embrace Your Features by Christina Testut

Embrace Your Features is a celebration of all the qualities that make us who we are, inside and out. This colorful picture book encourages school-aged children to view their unique characteristics as what makes them special rather than flawed.

Author and educator, Christina Testut, wants to inspire EVERYONE to feel worthy exactly as they are.

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The Beauty of Us All by Chandele Morris

“The Beauty of Us All” follows the story of a mother and her daughter, uncovering the beauty of nature and the significance of acceptance as they explore the natural world. With vivid illustrations and an emotional narrative, readers take a journey that fuses self-discovery with empathy.

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DIFFERENT Us! by Dr K Renée

Different us!

The Odd Squad

This book features four friends Maliyah, Jacob, Sarah, and Samson who struggle to finish their final fifth-grade year at St. Mary’s Primary School without being the main focus of teasing and bullying. The mean kids at school refer to them as “the odd squad.” Since first grade, this group of friends have had the task of trying to learn to be comfortable in their own skin because, in many ways, they were different from their schoolmates.

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Some Families by Kimi Hall

This candid look into the everyday lives of families around the world is a beautiful way to appreciate and understand the different family structures that have dominated our world today. Enjoy searching through this photo album for a family that you might recognize in your own lives.

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Zee Zee the Zebra by Karen Winward

Zee Zee looks different to the other zebras. Her friends don’t let her join in with their games, and this makes Zee Zee feel sad.

But Zee Zee and her friends are about to learn that being different is ok because it’s what makes us all special.

This story helps children to understand from an early age that everyone is unique and that kindness is key to help everyone to feel accepted.

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Beenz and Peace Find Their Happy Place by Courtney North

Beenz the alien is unique. With his cool hat, funky clothes, and one big front tooth, he’s the friendliest and funniest alien around. With his trusty dog, Peace, Beenz loves to explore his home planet of Saturn, where everyone seems a little bit the same and a little bit different. That is until one day, when people begin asking Beenz where he’s from. “You can’t be from Saturn. You’re too different.” Feeling unhappy, Beenz sets off on a quest to find his happy place – a place where he isn’t different, where he belongs. Join Beenz and Peace on this funky space adventure as they discover that often, what you’re looking for is much closer to home than you imagined!

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What Do You See? By K.A. Garraway

What Do You See? is a story about a little boy Cassius discovering what it means to have brown skin.