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Octavia Can Do It! by Liliana Tommasini

Octavia is a spunky little girl who loves to bake cookies with her Mama. Mixing flour, butter and eggs are one of her favourite things to do. Today, Octavia wants to do things differently.

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Henry’s Hiccups by Lauren Barrett

Henry is a happy student until he encounters a problem. He can’t get rid of his hiccups. He tries a number of ways to get rid of them, but no matter what he does his hiccups keep getting in the way of correctly answering the teacher’s questions. That is until he discovers a new way of answering questions without speaking – sign language.

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God and Todd Create a Creature By Jared Robinson

Todd has been on polishing stars duty for several light-years and has never been promoted.

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Charlie and the Purple Roses By Robin Rotenberg

Charlie and the Purple Roses is the first story in the Glass Slipper Series written by Robin Rotenberg,

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Pisces The Fish Explores By Erika Moten( stone lady)

Pisces is a cute fish named after his zodiac sign, which is the 12th sign Pisces.

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Santa Fell Asleep in My House By M E Johansson

What if Santa Claus fell asleep in your house? Would anyone believe you?

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Dr. Evona Lee Smith

My name is Dr. Evona Lee Smith and I am a wife and mother of five children and a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Dillard University at New Orleans as well as a Master of Science degree in nursing and a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Loyola University at New Orleans. I practiced as a registered nurse since 2003 and a family nurse practitioner since 2009.

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Little Valarie and her Big World of Options by Victoria Watkins

Every child has a dream in childhood of what they want to become and their choices change daily and that’s the beauty of childhood.

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King Kahuna Crayon and the Color Kingdom By Rikkianisha Hunt

This is such a cute and colorful story which teaches children about different colors , their importance and most importantly gives the message of ‘ Unity is Strength ‘.

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Lori A. Armstrong

I grew up in Napa, California, raising a family with a now grown son and daughter who are my rocks. My life partner of 13 years is my best critic as he is always willing to share constructive criticism in regards to my writing (when requested of course). Lol I worked in law enforcement for several years – later being offered a full-time position at my local district attorney’s office. While the pay was great, I always felt there was something missing. The wine industry in Napa was booming and the population grew to immense numbers with wineries being the staple point, wine bars on every corner and the tourists were more catered to than the locals. I started to miss the old small town Napa I grew up in and needed to make some changes in my life for this and other health-related reasons.I moved from Napa to a quaint country town in Lake County, up in the mountains, high above Napa. I spend endless hours in my writing cave (which overlooks the lake),especially during this unfortunate pandemic.Here, in my writing cave, I create my stories (both novels and children’s books), editing,formatting and marketing each book after endless hours of author forums, webinars and zoom meetings in order to improve my niche.
I also ghostwrite, format and market books for others, treating each story as my own. My latest venture has been to create a Book Marketing Plan for future authors, which provides everything they would need from the beginning stages of the process to the end. Between writing projects and marketing, I am a criminal court reporter for my local newspaper. While I enjoy keeping my local community versed on the crime in my county, I am blessed to balance my brain with the lighthearted stories from within my heart along with stories forwarded to me for edits and formatting.
Life is good.I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am grateful for all of your support!

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