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Just Breathe by Johanna Kasperski

Just Breathe is a helpful resource for parents and teachers to improve children’s emotional and mental health. It includes mindfulness exercises that can help children stay calm and focused, leading to a healthier and happier state of mind.

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What Would You Say? by Melanie Chocron-Abalos

What Would You Say? is a book about learning to tune in to yourself and access the tools the body and mind already come equipped with.

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Tools to Cool: Finding Ways to Cope by Stephanie Scott

Can you find something you might do to wiggle your worries away?

What about something that smells like chocolate and feels warm to touch, or a place where you can go to feel safe? Can you find something you may dream upon, shooting across the dark sky?

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Janey Just in Case by Mandy Woolf

Tomorrow is Janey’s first day of school and worries are falling heavily on her shoulders…

Waking early, she fills her back pack adding a few extra’s… just in case!
After all, you never know what you might need for your first day of school…Follow Janey as she grows in confidence and self-belief and discovers the beauty of friendship.

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Where Do You Go? by Laura Larson

Where Do You Go? is an enjoyable to read rhyming book focusing on the power of the mind to create a place in our imagination that brings us peace. Maybe we dream of a beach where oceans crash, or floating freely and slowly through space to find our calm. This story talks of the normalcy of having a busy brain with worries, fears and jumbled thoughts, and walks through some special places we can imagine to take us away from the “buzz” that our brains can feel.

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Ring Tail Raffi: Mindfulness in Madagascar by Shari LaRosa

Ring Tail Raffi is a story about a Lemur with anxiety who ventures on a life changing journey, ultimately learning mindfulness skills to cope with his worries and fears. This story introduces young minds to beginner’s mindfulness concepts, followed by interactive questions fostering dialogue between children and caregivers such as parents, teachers or therapists. For all those interested in nature and animals, we also learn some fun facts. Let’s experience learning Mindfulness in Madagascar with this lovable Lemur!

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Imagine: An Inspirational Story of Calming Strategies for Children by Elisa Holton Odegard

IMAGINE is a beautifully illustrated story that features a collection of practical calming strategies for a wide range of children’s anxieties. The story follows a kind young boy as he demonstrates his thoughtfulness, and his theatrical skills, to help many of his culturally-diverse classmates cope with the stresses of their school day. He gently suggests eight different calming strategies to his friends to assist them in returning to mindfulness, so they may continue with a productive day.

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I AM ME: a Journal of Positive Affirmations for Kids By Angelica R. Clark

“I Am Me” is a journal of positive affirmations with the intent to encourage children to look within and find their own power and confidence.

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Do Not Disturb! Meditating… By Adijah & Atiya Brabham

Breathe in … Breathe out…

Blow away that grumpy pout!
This is such a cute and colorful story that teaches children about how to calm your mind and body. It also focuses on how to let go of negative thoughts and keeping your feelings in sync.
This book is about Nia and Nori, two beautiful girls who are meditating to keep their thoughts and feelings in control. Join the sisters on their journey as they explore mindfulness techniques to manage their emotions like listening to music and thinking or doing things that give you happiness.
This book has simple text and very beautiful illustrations so kids can easily understand the story with the picture itself. This book encourages kids to practice yoga and come up with creative ways of mindfulness techniques.
Overall a fun read and learning journey for kids.