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Off to Nana and Grandma’s Home by Gayathri R. Waring

Explore the rich and heartwarming relationship between a child and his two lesbian grandparents. Each expresses her bond in different ways, and both love the child all the more. The book is based on a true story, features dynamic and colorful illustrations, and celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

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Finding Granny by Andrew Robert Abel

This book is inspired by treasure hunts that my father would set for his grandchildren using hand drawn clues. Visual clues means that even toddlers that can’t read yet can play. A generation later my daughters, now with children of their own, are asking me to lay these treasure trails for their children.

The story follows the children around the house as they search for clues that lead them to different objects. Eventually, they find Granny and she surprises them with a big hug.

The book is suitable both for young readers and pre-readers alike. It encourages observation and discovery, and also teaches the game to the older reader. The rhyming and simple vocabulary make it easy for younger readers.

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The colorful balloons (Greek and English, bilingual edition) by Kalliopi Raikou

Being in a long distance family challenges your resilience. There are many emotions to manage and one finds himself in two cultures and two or more languages. However, there are always smart ways to improve communication. A grandma has found one to help herself and her grandkid keep track of their love, language and moments.

What did Jason and his grandma come up with? How is he going to count the months until they meet again? The feelings and the thoughts of a young boy who lives with his parents in Dubai. His grandma helps him enjoy his days there but also remind him of his roots.

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Raina’s Rainbow Lemonade by Shawndrea Magee

Every Saturday, Raina goes to her grandma’s house and they make lemonade together. But it’s not just any lemonade; it’s rainbow lemonade! Using freshly squeezed lemons, sugar, water, and food coloring, Raina mixes up cups of lemonade in every shade of the rainbow and serves them to friends and neighbors. She loves to watch the colors mix as she pours the colorful drinks.

In Raina’s Rainbow Lemonade, readers will learn the basics of color theory as well as the value of serving the community as they join Raina and Grandma for a fun-filled day of making rainbow lemonade.

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Grandma’s ABC’s of Growing Up by Denise Bailey

From A to Z, this adorable and entertaining alphabet book represents insights that help children and adults understand and discuss values, expectations, and life changing lessons for children as they grow up and encounter some of life’s rewards and challenges.

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The Adventures of Granny and Lexi Loo: The Rollerblade Adventure by Patti Damelio

The “Rollerblade Adventure” is the first published story in The Adventures of Granny and Lexi Loo series and shows a precious bond between a grandmother and a girl.

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GRANDMA! by DeMario DeShawn Brown

We all know that grandparents love their grandchildren. But in most cases, the fun turns into a learning experience. With Kingsley, it’s all the time. Grandma always finds a way to get on his last little nerve. Will he get to have fun like a kid should? Or will his grandma find a way to bother him yet again. Read along and find out!!

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Being a grandmother is the greatest joy of experiencing moments and memories, and watching your grandchildren grow, love, and learn. MIMI MEMAW YAYA GAGA NANA GRANNY BIG MAMA AND ME is the first book in the MIMI and ME children’s book series where readers of any and all ethnic and cultural backgrounds can enjoy the experience of the loving bond between a child and their grandmother, which leaves a lasting memory.

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Grandma Went to Heaven by Dave Thomas

Unfortunately, sometimes children experience the unexpected death of a loved one or friend and struggle to understand it and cope with it. At the same time many parents struggle to help their kids during this difficult time.

This book helps children and parents deal with this complex issue in a simple and comforting way as a young girl named Mya learns to deal with the loss of her grandmother.

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Grandpa Has My Back by Jurnee Davis

Everything kids don’t want their parents to know about when they are away at their grandparent’s home for the weekend. Join little Jurnee and her grandpa, Papa Tommie, as they spend a fun-filled, lesson learning weekend together. This book celebrates a grandfather’s and granddaughter’s heartwarming friendship. It’s a great gift for any child with an amazing grandfather.