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The Lighthouse Cats of Mazatlán by Carolyn Watson-Dubisch

Ana and Luna hike the lighthouse trail each day to visit and take care of their friends, the cats that are abandoned there. Their favorite is a little white cat named Wednesday. One day when a big storm rolls in from the ocean and the whole city shuts down, but what about Wednesday! Where are the Lighthouse Cats? Did they survive the storm?

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Don’t All Cats Eat Chicken? by Nicole Yearwood

Join Cooper and Chloe, two adorable cats with unique tastes, on their delightful dinner-time adventure! Every day, their loving mom serves them chicken, but to her surprise, Cooper and Chloe just don’t like it. While chicken may be a favorite among many cats, these two feline friends have their own preferences. In a world where conformity seems to reign, they bravely embrace their individuality and teach us all a valuable lesson.

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Rory Says Goodbye by Emily Heckler

When Gizmo the cat sadly dies, she leaves behind her brother Rory.
Rory is heartbroken. However, gradually he starts to remember the fun and happy times that he had with Gizmo. He remembers them playing in the garden and chasing butterflies. He thinks about them cuddling up together and he remembers the love that they shared.

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Further adventures of the 6 year old Alex and his talking cat Bim. In these “Catventures” Alex again spends his summer vacation with Grandma in Upstate New York. He sells lemonade to passersby, he learns how to swim, and watches street artists. On July 4th he goes for a trip to NY City, where he visits the Statue of Liberty, The Magic Toy Shop, and finally witnesses the famous fireworks at the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Katy on Broadway by Ella English

I’m a Superstar!

Katy loves to sing and practices every day. Gerry says she can’t sing, and Lilian says New York is too dangerous for such a small kitty. But now she’s ready to try! She escapes her yard and makes it to the city. But it IS a big scary place! Now she’s all alone and lost. How will she find her way? Can she really become a superstar?

This is the first of the Kitty in the City series! Be on the lookout for more adventures as Katy explores New York!

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Surprise!: It’s Just Pee by La Manda Jeannine Davis

Feline character Tangerine uses her special way of communication to express her true feeling, and learns just how special she really is through potty training..Surprise! It’s Just Pee.

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Sam: The Cat Without a Tail by Gloria Lintermans

Sam: The Cat Without A Tail follows the trials of Sam, a young Manx cat with a soft, white puff of a tail. As he discovers that he is indeed different from everyone around him, he learns and helps to teach the importance and beauty of diversity and self-worth.