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The Birth of Agent Big Butt: Butt of Steel, Heart of Gold by Amy Winfield

When the Flatbottoms rushed to the hospital on the night of their baby’s birth, they never expected the apple to fall so far from the tree. Their newborn’s enormous butt is as hard as steel and packed with an array of explosive farts that can defeat any adversary. His superpowers have also attracted the attention of a crazed, evil doctor, who relentlessly seeks to discover the secret behind his ultra-powerful butt.

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Misfortunate Adventures: The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure by Jacob Hulsey

This page turning, high seas adventure is filled with laughs and plenty of swashbuckling action. Children of all ages, and their parents, are sure to enjoy the goofiest cast of characters to ever set sail

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AMY THE G.O.A.T by Louiseee with three e’s

AMY THE G.O.A.T – Greatest of All Time by Louiseee with three e’s

A genuinely funny book that will be cherished for ages!

I don’t even realize how I finished this 200-page book in a go, the first thing I did after finishing this book was to ask my son to read it. It is full of fun and laughter.

Have you ever imagined a girl who wanted to be a G.O.A.T? Who likes to stay dirty and smelly, eats grass instead of pancakes and doesn’t like to sleep in a bed like humans, but wants a goat pen for herself. 

Amy Bloomsy is a 10-year-old girl who is not an ordinary girl, she is different from others. Amy always gets bullied at her new school and at home by her older brother, as well as her mom wanting to control her every action. One day, she meets a high-spirited, French-speaking goat called Õogly at her mom’s circus, and now she knows that she wants to be a goat. 

Join Amy on her journey of becoming a G.O.A.T. and discovering her happy place where she feels belong and loved.

This book has silly conversations and dialogue that will make you crazy. From the beginning till the end, this book will make readers burst out laughing at how funny the plot and circus scenes are. The story-telling style was full of fun and silly humor. I seriously recommend this book to all young children, and it should be there on the reading list. Get ready to dive into this charming book that encourages children to discover their uniqueness in this big world, to love themselves, and inspire them to stay true to themselves.

Perfect for 7+

Treat your child with a copy of #AmyTheGOAT – Greatest of all Time on Amazon or Google Play! Search ‘Amy The GOAT’ on Amazon or tap the link below:

Search ‘Amy The GOAT’ on Amazon or visit @Louiseeewith3es & tap the link in their Bio.

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The Antidotes: Pollution Solution by Patty Mechael

The Antidotes race against the clock to get out the word to kids around the world about how to stay safe. But—will the Antidotes be able to get enough kids to achieve zero plastic use before it makes any more fish or children sick? Join the Antidotes in their first science adventure, and stay tuned for more stories to come!

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Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Being Good by Louie Stowell

Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Being Good by Louie Stowell

A genuinely funny, humorous diary-style book with quirky illustrations that takes the reader on a ride from Asgard to Midgard, and shows Loki’s journey from evil God to being good.

Loki is expelled to live on Earth as an eleven-year-old boy by his father Odin, along with Thor, and he has to prove that he is becoming a better person. Loki, the clever, witty trickster and the most powerful of all gods, is now forced to live as a normal human being. He is not allowed to use any of his powers, he has to do good deeds to go back to Asgard, and he must write down all his activities in a magical diary that would be used on the day of judgement.

I couldn’t even realize when I had finished this 235-page book, and the first thing I did after finishing this book was that I told Dhruvin to read this book. From the beginning to the end, this book will make readers laugh at how funny the plot and the scenes are. The story-telling style was full of fun, silly humor, and I recommend this book to all young children.

Perfect for 7+

Grab your copy from Amazon.

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Magic and Me by Julia Hall

Amelia has a secret – she can’t do magic!

So when she is forced to stay at the castle with other children that can, she realises how much danger she really is in. She must escape before she is found out!

On her journey to freedom, Amelia makes some very unexpected friends. Maybe saving herself isn’t enough, maybe there is a way to save the whole kingdom?

‘Magic and Me’ is a unique story full of magic and magical creatures. It follows a young 12-year-old girl, Amelia in her quest to discover who she is. With her friends, they develop a dangerous plan that could lead them to freedom or to death.

This is a story of adventure, bravery and friendship that children will enjoy reading time and time again.

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Tom and the Hedgewitch by C.A Lewis

When Tom Fisher, a timid boy of eleven years
and his cheeky best friend Jenny Summers
meet Freya; a real-life witch she teaches them
the ways of the forest. Kidnapped by the dark
elves, the children must find a way to save her,
but is Freya all that she seems?

The hedgewitch is keeping a powerful secret
that will change Tom’s life forever.

An exciting fantasy adventure for children aged 8-12, and their parents too.
Full of folklore, magic myth, and legend, with a modern twist.
Enid Blyton, meets the Sword and the Stone.

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Elements by William Richards

Minisc Premier has never wanted to be like his father. Most kids would kill to have the Hero of Light, the most famous Elementalist in history, as their dad. Minisc hates the pressure, though, and wants only to bring his mother’s dying wish to life: unity and peace between humans and Elementalists, the recently evolved species capable of controlling and wielding elements such as light, fire, and water.

As Minisc attends Elemental Academy, training to hone his ability, he begins to uncover a new threat to that peaceful coexistence. Together with his friends Lily and Jules, he must grow into his power and become the hero he has long shunned – or both humans and Elementalists may be doomed.

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Rocket Girls: Sam Gold and the Case of the Missing Uranium by Melanie Fine

Since she started Taft Middle School two years ago, Sam Gold has been looking forward to eighth-grade science with Mrs. Cooper and the coveted position of lab tech. But she hadn’t counted on her nemesis Kimberly Newhouse getting in the way, and the missing uranium that could put her whole school on lockdown if she doesn’t find it.

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Adrian and the washing machine By Gabriela Charatsari

An exceptionally talented little boy called Adrian receives an unusual gift from a stranger.