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Barb the Bird of Hope by Zowie Norris

A story of friendship, acceptance and hope. In a laburnum tree in the Centre of Bretton Park, lives a unique bird called Barb. Her beauty and originality attract the attention of the other birds and park visitors, who see her as a symbol of hope, bringing them much comfort and happiness. She is loved by many and in return is grateful for her life and her friends. When things take a turn for the worst, Barb’s instinct is to fly away from her troubles … Will things get better? Can hope be restored?

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The Heartbeats and the New Kid by Natalie Savvides

Henry and Henrietta spot someone playing on their own. Will they invite them to join their game? After all, everything is more fun with friends!

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Welcome to Heartsville by Natalie Savvides

The series ‘The Heartbeats – It’s Cool To Be Kind’ emphasises the act of kindness as strong, respected behaviour, with infinite positive effects on our wellbeing, ultimately making us all happier and healthier

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The Series Of Kindness by Salma Soliman

Karim, Hanna, Fares, Farida, and the little people, are not super people with superpowers or princes and princesses, neither do they own talking animals or magic lamps. Yet, they are all heroes of kindness. Each has changed the world into a better place with their very own minds and hearts. They understood that only by true freedom, freedom to love, freedom to live, and freedom to be only themselves, can they change whatever they don’t like in this world, love fearlessly and fully, achieve their best potential, be the best version of themselves and make the world a better place.

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Acts of Kindness by Melissa Cenatiempo

Acts of Kindness is a picture book that illustrates for young readers the profound impact one simple act of kindness can make. Written is rhyme, Acts of Kindness is a fun, engaging read that will easily captivate your little reader.

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Theo’s Heart by Amy Kwong

One day, Emily loses her beloved toy penguin, Theo. What she doesn’t know is that Theo has a very special gift. Emily’s penguin takes her on a little adventure where she discovers the joy of being kind.

Inspired by a true family story, this heartwarming story will invite young readers to think about perspective taking and empathy when confronted with big emotions. This picture book contains hand-drawn watercolor illustrations and is recommended for children ages three and above.

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The Fabulous Story of Wonder Mama!: The Super-Hero Glambassador by Renny Roccon

“We Can All be Super-Heroes in Our Own Way!”
She is Defender of the Defenceless and Friend of the Fabulous!

A Super-Hero Parody with Heart!

Discover the untold story of Australia’s very own Glambassador of Love and Equality, and Super-Hero Adventuress – The Fabulous Wonder Mama!

‘The Fabulous Story of Wonder Mama’ is a colourful dive into Wonder Mama’s super-heroic world representing inclusivity and diversity and her message of love and acceptance!

Join Wonder Mama in her very first fully illustrated origin storybook adventure for kids and adults alike.