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The Power of Empathy: Be the Friend You’ve Always Wanted by Ruth Maille

Empathy can prevent bullying, help kids make friends and regulate emotions.

Don’t miss spending time with Orbit and his friends on their fourth adventure of The Power of… children’s picture book series.

This beautifully illustrated story gently teaches young children how to recognize their emotions – and the emotions of others. Children learn what it means to practice empathy by witnessing real-life examples that are easy for them to understand.

Written with easily understandable language, and perfect for adults to read aloud, this book enables children to see themselves in the examples that Orbit shares with his friends.

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Yuri and the Treasure Box by Emma Ugarelli

Yuri is quite the curious monkey! One day, while walking along the Amazon River, he bumps into something strange, something he has never seen before. He picks it up, wondering what it could be. Is it a hat? A seat? A drum? No . . . it’s a treasure box! Or is it?

While bringing awareness to the Amazon and its diverse wonders, Yuri and the Treasure Box is a delightful book about empathy, self-regulation, curiosity, respect, consideration, and compassion for others. Children will learn the value of kindness, caring for their environment, and respecting others, whether big or small.

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Aaron’s Adventure: The Art of Giving by Mandy Addison

Aaron flies his airplane to the forest.

He meets some new friends who are in trouble.

What does he do to help his friends?

How does he learn about the art of giving?

What does he bring home for Mommy and himself?

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Nella’s Kindness Kicks by NelliRose Farella

Why are Nella’s Kindness Kicks sticking to the ground? Help her figure out how to get them unstuck!

As you take a trip to school with Nella, you’ll meet Miss J, Tino, Lou, Amara, and Marcus! You’ll learn how Nella makes mistakes, but with the help of Miss J and her classmates, she learns how to make things better through kindness and understanding!

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Muzzy’s Search by Mencie Tate

Muzzy’s Search is about a hungry bear on a walk that runs into three different animals while looking for food. Even though all of his encounters with each animal is very different, one of them helps Muzzy realize the simplest rule of all when it comes to kindness.

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The Power of Kindness: Through the Eyes of Children by Ruth Maille

The Power of Kindness Through the Eyes of Children shows the rippling effect of how being empathic and kind can generate kindness to others. It demonstrates how each of us can help impact the world around us with simple acts every day.

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Kindness Week by Tahiya Cooper

Tahiya Cooper creates a rich text where students of all ethnicity, race, religion, disability, and nationality can find themselves and relate.

Third grade can be hard, but Aniyah has learned that being kind is one of the easiest things she can do.

Aniyah is excited to have a kindness week at her school, but then she encounters a classmate that doesn’t understand the purpose of doing kindness acts for others.

Find out how Aniyah challenges her classmate and demonstrates the importance of stepping outside of the box and doing something nice for others.

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Zee Zee the Zebra by Karen Winward

Zee Zee looks different to the other zebras. Her friends don’t let her join in with their games, and this makes Zee Zee feel sad.

But Zee Zee and her friends are about to learn that being different is ok because it’s what makes us all special.

This story helps children to understand from an early age that everyone is unique and that kindness is key to help everyone to feel accepted.

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Barb the Bird of Hope by Zowie Norris

A story of friendship, acceptance and hope. In a laburnum tree in the Centre of Bretton Park, lives a unique bird called Barb. Her beauty and originality attract the attention of the other birds and park visitors, who see her as a symbol of hope, bringing them much comfort and happiness. She is loved by many and in return is grateful for her life and her friends. When things take a turn for the worst, Barb’s instinct is to fly away from her troubles … Will things get better? Can hope be restored?

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The Heartbeats and the New Kid by Natalie Savvides

Henry and Henrietta spot someone playing on their own. Will they invite them to join their game? After all, everything is more fun with friends!