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I Wake up with Love in my Heart by Maleeka Kynard

I wake up with love in my heart was inspired by the separation of two people who brought a beautiful life into the world that they both love dearly. The traditional family looks a lot different in these times. Children need to understand and feel love from both sides regardless of adult decision-making. I wake up with love in my heart was written to allow a child to see that he or she can be loved unconditionally by both parents regardless of their relationship status.

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I’m Not Afraid! by Kyle Moray

Sammy goes to bed, but is awakened by a scary sound! Is it a monster? Is it a ghost? He is brave and looks for the monster himself. He learns how to conquer his fear and finds that things aren’t always what they appear. This book teaches children how to have courage when they may be scared. It uses humor to diffuse scary situations. Perfect for bedtime readers

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Madelyn’s Exciting Beach Adventure by Sharon Joffey

Madelyn is so excited to be at the beach with her parents. After she splashes in the water and collects seashells, she is heading with her mother to the concession stand when she suddenly steps on something sharp.

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Adria The Carnival Princess by Ad’ria La Pierre

The Carnival parade day is here, and this is the first time Adria is partaking in this celebration. She is excited and a bit nervous to go on stage and show off her fairy princess costume. Adria is in for an unforgettable adventure! Carnival is a huge celebration in the Caribbean and now worldwide. Carnival a celebration of freedom where masqueraders parade in beautiful hand-built costumes, dance to Soca/Calypso music, and eat cultural foods.

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The Butterfly Who Flew in the Rain By Ori Gutin

Cody, a little caterpillar born amid a terrible thunderstorm, and when he opened his eyes, he was surprised to see all animals hidden away from the rain.

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Ranger Roro And The Rowdy ABC’s By Ren Lowe

Adventures with Roro: Ranger Roro With Rowdy ABC’s By Ren Lowe

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Pamela & the Time Machine Mystery(The Adventures of Pamela King) By Julia Montanez

This story is about Pamela king, the world’s youngest and most famous detective.

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What If? By Neema K. Jn Baptiste-Fontenelle

This story is about a little boy named Mishael and his imagination.

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The Wedding On The MoooooooN By Justin Ochoa

A funny rhyming story of a wedding that happened on the moon.

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The Adventure Of Spikey Boy By Toni J Hammond

This book truly shows how animals are longing for love and care like us, and every dog deserves a home.