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Don’t Worry Brown Boy by Lesa Diggs

Josh didn’t feel different from anyone else. That is, until he was judged by the police in a negative way against his white best friend. Raised by his family to love and respect everyone, how do you prepare a black child for when he encounters those that were not?

Special edition is a hard cover version of Don’t Worry Brown Boy which also features bonus content in the form of concept sketches by illustrator Brent Levy.

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Dear Little Brown Skin Girl by Tiffany Kouadio

Our little girls have a vast, complex world ahead of them. They need to be reminded of their value every day. This book is a little reminder that our girls, no matter what color, are special and their future is bright. This is more than just a story, this is reality.

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I Am King Malik! by Chanell K. Miller

Everyone is different, and it can be hard to understand or accept those differences sometimes without being taught early that differences are what makes us special. The reaction to a child’s differences can break them down or build them up with proper conversation. “I Am King Malik!” is an inspirational story of empowerment and self-acceptance. Malik, a shy, fun-loving little brown boy is concerned about how he looks, and how people tease him. Follow Malik’s story as he learns that being different makes us special and he discovers why he should be confident, love himself, and embrace his differences.

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I am Brown by Corinne Archard

A story of how skin colour raised questions for one little girl of mixed heritage and how she began to understand her unique and culturally diverse family. Confused that her skin colour is different to the rest of the family, Tyler goes on a thoughtful journey of discovery to establish her identity.