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Lauryn That’s Me by Ms Lauryn Rose Teixeira

Lauryn That’s Me: The journey of a powerful African Girl tells us the story of Lauryn, a 9-year-old girl from London who is proud of her African Portuguese roots. Her mother is from Cape Verde Islands, and her father is from Sao Tomé e Principe. She takes us into her world and shares her journey of being raised by a single mother after her dad left the family during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a powerful testimony of a young girl who dreams of living in a world where everyone is treated equally. It is a story of courage, hope, Black representation and self-love. Lauryn is officially the youngest author of Afro-Portuguese descent to publish a book in the UK.

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Audacity and Tenacity by Angie Le Mar

Audacity and Tenacity are two fearless and adventurous best friends. With the summer holidays ahead, the girls plan to try new things. But when they realise that not all kids have friends to share their summer with, they come up with an idea to start a friendship group for those who are struggling to make friends.

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Obtaining Immeasurable Peace by Mallori Conedy

Are you looking for a confidence-boosting book for a teen girl? Well, look no further! This guided journal for teens is for you!
Obtaining Immeasurable Peace is a guided journal, accompanied by poems, designed to empower and boost
self-confidence for black teen girls.

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Allison, You Are Beautiful by Erika Archer

Allison, you are beautiful!

Three things Allison loves the most in the world are her friends, coloring, and riding her bike. Then her world gets turned upside by Billy the Bully teasing her about her freckles. With the help of her mom, teacher, and best friends, she soon learns that she is beautiful just the way she is. Even Billy learns a lesson along the way. Come along as Allison finds her confidence and sees that she is loved for simply being herself.

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I Can Be Anything by Nicole D. Little Bradley

Being a middle child is tough!
This story follows Mack, a middle child who loves to sing, dance and believes in herself.

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The Adventures of Princess Anyah of Antibarba by Eldonie Mason

Princess Anyah is a fun-loving six-year-old who lives with her family in a palace on the tropical island of Antibarba located in the Caribbean. Come join Princess Anyah as she goes on her first big adventure, a fishing expedition, with her dad, King Ananda. Who will catch the most fish? Let the adventure begin!

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Little Black Girl You’re Such a Chocolate Cutie by Monique Leonard

This book is about a little chocolate girl. She learns through encouragement. And with support and affirmation, she learns just how beautiful and valuable she is. Go on this journey to get to know and learn about her.

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My Black by Kaprice Hardy

My Black empowers our youth to love thy self. Dwelling on self acceptance, it teaches children to embrace their melanin and be their authentic self. Embrace your uniqueness. Embrace your beautiful features despite anyone else’s opinion. Your Black is beautiful!

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We Can Do It! by Dawn McCuin

My book is about a young girl who creates a lot of chaos and mess around her home because she is an inventor and loves to try out new experiments. She has a brother who believes girls cannot be inventors and his sister is annoying more than anything. However, the little girl Raven takes her brother Russell on a historical journey about different black women in history that have invented wonderful creations that contribute to society, that we use every day.

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My Beautiful Curly Hair by Kiana Holder, Arya Holder

This is a story about a little girl who struggles with keeping her hair neat all the time, but grows to love and accept her wild and messy hair.
Kiana and Arya think having messy hair is more fun. Keeping your hair neat all the time is a lot of work.