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It’s About Time! by Colleen Giordano

It’s About Time is sure to become an instant family favorite! Will Grandma be able to help Big Hand and Little Hand agree to compromise and resolve their differences so they can teach children how to tell time?

In this heartwarming story, children will see how working together to get a job done can only be accomplished when everyone cooperates and feels they are important.

This book includes additional activities that will teach children how to tell time as well as create opportunities for enjoying time spent with others

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Kate is Late by Joe Egan

Kate, who is constantly late, learns a lesson in how to be on time. Kate learns a valuable lesson that people who are always late cannot be counted on in certain situations.

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Nate & His Magic Lion by LaTonya Pinkard

From LaTonya Pinkard of the Netflix Emmy-winning series “Last Chance U” comes the exciting tale of Achi the Magic Lion!

Hi, everyone, I’m Nate!

Wait!! What’s that? Oh no, not the shadows again!
I’m afraid of the dark, but I want to be brave like my brother Mike. Are you ever afraid? Do you get scared when the lights go out at bedtime? Come with me, and let’s learn how to conquer our fears with help from my special friend, Achi the Magic Lion!

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So How Will You Sleep? by Annabel Gardiner

Do you want to sleep in a tree like a koala?
How about at the bottom of the ocean like a whale?
Or upside down in a cave like a bat?
Discover how different creatures go to sleep at night and imagine yourself snuggling down with them at bed time.
You can also try and spot the playful caterpillar hidden on every page.

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I Can Do Anything! by Alicia Maria

A child’s imagination knows no limits. Enjoy this fun story whilst practising positive affirmations with your little ones.

I Can Do Anything! is a positive affirmation story about a young boy named Miles who has BIG dreams. Guided by imagination and love, this story shows young children the power of positivity.

Through Miles’ biggest dreams, he discovers some of the amazing things he can do. He now believes that he can do anything!

Vibrant illustrations bring each affirmation to life, encouraging little ones to always dream big and believe.

I Can Do Anything! is the first children’s picture book in the Little CG Reads Children’s Book Series, written by Alicia Maria.

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It’s Not Bedtime Yet! by Yolanda Webb

Mommy and Daddy are finally home from a long exhausting day. Mom and Dad are ready for a relaxing night, but baby girl has other plans.

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When We Sleep by Myhia Francis

It’s time for bed, but little Liam has so many questions about what happens while he is sleeping. Does the rest of the world sleep too, or not? Embark on this magical journey Liam and his snuggle buddy Leo take to explore the many things that can happen when asleep