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Queen Cara and the Kingdom of Jama’a by Dorsey Spencer Jr

After being given a special necklace, Cara soon learns that it has the power to take her to magical worlds, but in the midst of wonder and awe, lies challenge and danger. Her first journey takes her to the beautiful Kingdom of Jama’a but something terrible awaits her, the Omiran – a cruel creature made of stone and malice. Cara must do everything she can to defeat the monster and protect the kingdom.

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I Am King Malik! by Chanell K. Miller

Everyone is different, and it can be hard to understand or accept those differences sometimes without being taught early that differences are what makes us special. The reaction to a child’s differences can break them down or build them up with proper conversation. “I Am King Malik!” is an inspirational story of empowerment and self-acceptance. Malik, a shy, fun-loving little brown boy is concerned about how he looks, and how people tease him. Follow Malik’s story as he learns that being different makes us special and he discovers why he should be confident, love himself, and embrace his differences.

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I AM ME: a Journal of Positive Affirmations for Kids By Angelica R. Clark

“I Am Me” is a journal of positive affirmations with the intent to encourage children to look within and find their own power and confidence.