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My Beautiful Curly Hair by Kiana Holder, Arya Holder

This is a story about a little girl who struggles with keeping her hair neat all the time, but grows to love and accept her wild and messy hair.
Kiana and Arya think having messy hair is more fun. Keeping your hair neat all the time is a lot of work.

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A Note to My Black Daughter… by Toya L. Adams-Driscal MEd.

A Note to My Black Daughter… is a positive, encouraging and inspiring note to our Black Daughters from their Moms. Being blessed to be chosen as the Mother of a Black Girl is an amazing feeling because Black Women are as magical as unicorns! It is extremely important to encourage our Daughters because the Black Woman has always been the least protected person in society. With that being said, it is important and very necessary that in a world that mistreats, abuses and tries to destroy them at every turn, they are able to find some confidence, support, solace and peace; what better way to offer them that then by sharing a note specifically addressed to them from the Woman who loves them the most?