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The World Of Thear by Sydnie Beaupré

One day, Cayden and his Aunty Sydnie were playing a video game when suddenly, they were transported into the game’s universe, which turned out to be an alternate realm, and, get this, Cayden has been given magical powers to defeat an evil ruler and is known as the realm’s current Dance King, a very powerful mage, and he has to save not only the world of Thear, but his universe too.

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Honor and the Sword Of Dreams by C.Tate

Honor is a regular school kid who loves playing games. When a new gaming console GameStation 3000, hits the market, of course, he becomes excited about it. However, he would soon learn, that there’s something sinister going on behind the scenes.
As Honor learns more about his grandfather’s watch and the power it has, he is told by Willis, a time-traveling kid from the 1920s, that he’s the only one who could unravel the conspiracy and defeat a monster behind all the evil: White Widow. But for that, he must yield the legendary Sword of Dreams.

Now, Honor must embark on an adventure, where there’s danger at every turn. The fate of the whole world depends on him.”

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Adventures in GameWorld: Game Start by Robert Rumery

asmine Brings home a new retro-looking game from GameWorld, and when she and her brother Bobby start playing it, they get sucked into it via a portal, and upon awakening inside the game, they realize that they have been turned into anthropomorphic animals. Jasmine is now a cat, and her brother is a bear, and they can both do a myriad of cool attacks that cost little health when used in battle, say, against some giant wasps, perhaps? As they meet up with new allies along the way, like Skate the crow, Jasmine and Bobby will have to play the game with their lives on the line. Will they win? Find out, in Adventures in GameWorld: Game Start.

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The Letter from Sweet Abundance by Molly Perry

The color is disappearing from the cartoon world of Sweet Abundance! Does that mean it will disappear? Jimmy, Lilly and Jamal receive a letter begging for their help, sending them off on another adventure. Little did they know, Eddie, a mean bully from school, followed them into Sweet Abundance. Will they be able to help? Come along and see what happens!

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The Game by Molly Perry

It all started with The Game. Ten year old Jimmy found it in his father’s struggling Children’s Museum. Jimmy, along with his 13 year old sister Lilly and friend Jamal are sent by The Game to a most unusual land. With two unexpected traveling companions they work to try and save Isadore Benefactor and the land of Sweet Abundance from the villain John Heartless. It is a wild ride that you can’t help but enjoy! And, just like Jimmy, Lilly and Jamal, will not soon forget.