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Mia’s Self Esteem by Emily Martin

About Mia
Mia was created to help showcase the impact of self-esteem. She struggles to try to please her parents and other people around her. She feels the pressure to always be perfect but learns that she can be herself.

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Herbie Goes to School by Sherrika Myers

Herbie’s family has moved to another state and bought a new home, and now Lil Herbie must go to a new school and make new friends. He is afraid and doesn’t want to go. He fears all the kids will laugh at him because he stutters. But he finally goes to school, and soon he realizes it is not as bad as he thought.

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THIS TOO SHALL PASS by Brittany Vinciguerra

We all feel sad and lonely at times, it is a part of life that is often not discussed with our children. What makes the difference is how we handle it. THIS TOO SHALL PASS is a child’s narrative as she encounters sadness and develops her coping skills. It starts off with a young biracial girl who has feelings of melancholy and isolation. She decides to walk outside and take a deep breath, helping her to calm her emotions and appreciate her blessings. Now she recognizes that her “tummy is full” and her “movements are quick”, and is full of gratitude and “surrounded by all of God’s glory.” The purpose of this book is to help children identify that although life can be challenging at times, we have choices on how to handle each and every situation we face. THIS TOO SHALL PASS is on the forefront of improving the mental health of the next generation.

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That’s Ridiculous, Said Nicholas by Cheryl Taragin

Nicholas Jon Paul Martin William Annabelle Tydings is a curious young daredevil who walks to the beat of his own drum. His sensible side also yearns for respect. Why do people often tell him things that he knows cannot be true? Young Nicholas brushes off the hype in his matter-of-fact way, silently longing for the love and admiration of the people he holds dear. Will energetic curiosity and a daredevil attitude keep Nicholas from learning the truth about the world around him?

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What It Means to Be Me by Danielle Dawn Falk

Encouraging and heartfelt, “What It Means to Be Me” takes readers on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and self-worth. Written in rhyme, this engaging read about learning, dreaming and growing is meant for absolutely anyone to connect with the message of this sweet story.

Read along and celebrate everything it means to be your own true self

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Mariah Finds Her Self-Esteem by Anthony Lumpkin

Mariah is a friendly, confident little girl, who loves dancing and spending time with her family and friends. She is looking forward to second grade – until she meets a new friend, whose unkind remarks start to undermine Mariah’s confidence and make her question everything she used to enjoy.
Soon, Mariah is not the bubbly little girl who started second grade…
Can her parents and her teacher help Mariah to find her self-esteem again?