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Hey! It’s Me! It’s Lilly Everlea by AK Cooper-Elliot

Lilly and The Ruby Ring.When Mrs Lemming’s ruby ring is stolen Lilly Everlea and her gardener Terrance investigate the case. After finding a note pushed underneath his office door, Professor Everlea reveals the names of the culprits to Sergeant Smiffy. Everyone is surprised apart from Lilly and Terrance who solves the case

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In the Woof of Time by Monika Bhatkhande

Sam (11) and his friends love adventure books. But now, they are caught in a mystery of their own! A prize-winning dog, milk bottles, expensive jewellery… these are just some of the things that go missing from their high-rise building. Who is the culprit? Is it an insider? As they dive deep into the riddle, the Book Club finds help from a most unexpected person. But soon, Sam becomes the police’s prime suspect! What happens next? Can the Book Club solve the mystery fast enough? Find out, as you join them on this thrilling ride.

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Sanaa The Detective In The Cookie Crime by Sean George

During lunch at school, someone has stolen some of Anna’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. The culprit can only be one of Anna’s friends. But which one of her friends would betray her trust and friendship?…Join Sanaa The Detective as she figures out who committed the Cookie Crime. Can you solve the crime before Sanaa?To view other books by this author, please visit the company website:

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Finding Sierra by Derrica Wilson

Have You Seen Sierra Knight?

Officer Carlise is on the case as one of Willow Bay’s own goes missing. Sierra Knight hasn’t been seen in fifteen days. Her disappearance has rocked the city, bringing the public together as they strive to bring Sierra home. With the help of Officer Carlise’s fellow detectives, and the support of the community, they gather evidence, and pursue leads in hopes that their efforts will solve the case.

In Finding Sierra, we learn the importance of community, comradery, and internet safety. Readers will get a glimpse into the very real dangers of entertaining strangers online, and what we can do to prevent involvement in harmful situations.

Join us and Officer Carlise as we share this story, and solve this missing mystery.

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Marsha and the Case of the Missing Hot Dogs and Marshmallows by Dr. Rachel B. Wellner MD

Dr. Marsha and her crew are living in Australia teaching healthy habits to the other animals in their town. But she turns into Doctoroo! to help solve mysteries all over the world! In this book, they fly to America to find out who stole all the marshmallows and hotdogs from the 4th of July cookout. Who could it be?!

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The Mystery of the Blue Goo by Teressa Hill

You’re invited to tag along with a precocious girl named Gracie and her dog, Sniggles, as they embark on a whimsical adventure, and meet new friends. They have moved out of the city and into the suburbs. When they arrive, they set out to explore their new surroundings.