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The Garden Children: Season’s Change by Ariana Rosenberg

Xavier has an idea and he shares with his friends an idea for growing a garden near the park. When he gets his friends together they are given advice from their guardians to help grow the garden. They learn many lessons from the garden.

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Raw Ned By Andy Kahan

Meet Ned: the dirtiest, smelliest, bravest, friendliest boy in the park!

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Ntombi’s Happy Holiday Adventure By Nia Young

From the Ntombi Adventures series, join Ntombi, the Adventurous Monkey this holiday season as she finds out the true meaning of giving. Enjoying a holiday evening with friends, Ntombi discovers someone who’s in need. Will she be able to help her newfound friend?

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Meet Our Fabulous Author Jennifer S. Segarra

My name is Jennifer S. Segarra. I was born and raised in the USA.

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I Feel Angry By Aleks Harrison

Are you looking for a book that will help your kids manage their emotions better, pick up essential social skills and recognize anger in a healthy and positive way?