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Little Lizzy Learns to Read by Dr. Liz Caesar

Have you ever struggled to do something that your friends and family are good at? Well, welcome to Little Lizzy’s world. Lizzy can’t read. Reading terrifies her and she’s afraid of not moving on to the second grade. In this first book of the Little Lizzy series, we will see if Lizzy can triumph over this test in life.

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Bob Beetle Book Bug by Phyllis M Griggs

Join Bob Beetle Book Bug on his spectacular journey to help children discover the joy of reading and the magic to be found inside the pages of a book.

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The First Splish Splash by Lotta D. Todd

The First Splish Splash depicts how a young boy, who has never been swimming, has a dream that evolves into a real-life pool adventure. He wants to pursue his dream, but bravery and courage are necessary to take the first step. Without courage, he cannot make the first splish splash. Join him on his pool adventure to see if he has what it takes to make his dream come true.

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What Do I Do with This? by Latoshia Martin

Something magical happens when you open a book. What Do I Do with This? is a playful story that explains the importance of reading. Isaiah receives more than just a gift for his first birthday. With the aid of Isaiah’s family, he learns the purpose of a book and why reading is key to unlocking your imagination.

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Madelyn’s Exciting Beach Adventure by Sharon Joffey

Madelyn is so excited to be at the beach with her parents. After she splashes in the water and collects seashells, she is heading with her mother to the concession stand when she suddenly steps on something sharp.