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PLAY FOR ME, PETER by Carol Selick

Play for Me, Peter” is a story about inspiration, the power of music and the special bond between a boy and his grandparents.

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Body Of Music by Stacey Culpepper

Music and singing have always been a major part of Melody’s life. Her bi-racial background exposes her to a variety of music. She loves to sing in her room alone. But what happens when her grandparents want her to sing a special song publicly for their big anniversary party? Melody will encourage young readers to work hard to overcome any obstacle that may stand in the way of positive goals they set out to achieve.

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Dino-Mite! by Stephanie Nhan Justin McDonough

Larry is a Tyrannosaurus. Joe is a Pterodactyl. Joe made up a brand new dance that he can’t wait to share with his best friend Larry. Not to be outdone, Larry decides to make up his own dance – and that’s when things get crazy! Join this adorable duo on their hilarious prehistoric adventure as they share their brand new moves and grooves with the world. It’s Dino-Mite!

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Up Up You Go Jo! by Mariam Shapera

One morning, music-loving Jo wakes up to discover that his musical notes have disappeared! Where could they have gone to? Join Jo on a dreamy space adventure as he goes in search of his musical notes!