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Boo Who? by Teressa Hill

A magical adventure awaits young readers in, “Boo Who?,” when a precocious girl named Gracie, her dog, Sniggles, and their friends; Bob, a crotchety crow; Lucy, an eccentric cat; and an anxiety-filled squirrel named Ziggy, befriend a fearful little ghost, Boo Montague, at the Hocus Pocus Pumpkin Patch. Boo was shunned by the other ghosts because he’s cheerful, not spiteful and frightful. Gracie invites Boo to join them for Halloween.

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Theodore’s Halloween by M E Johansson

It’s Theodore’s first Halloween and he’s excited and ready! Bobbing for apples? Check. Carving a pumpkin? Check. Scary stories? Check. But what is he going to wear for trick-or-treating?

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Matching Costumes by Donna G. Driver

Finding a costume to match a pet dog for Halloween isn’t easy. You have to be creative. Some ideas are funny, spooky, or pretty. Getting the dog to keep a costume on is the tricky part.

A fun story about getting ready to trick-or-treat perfect for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and Kindergarteners.

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