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Hattie the Hair Chemist by Mrs India Butts

HATTIE THE HAIR CHEMIST is an innovative and interactive book that teaches kids that life has its ups and downs, but they can deal with them better if they believe in their dreams and can handle challenging situations. With charming illustrations and a relatable tale, it teaches preschoolers and elementary-aged kids never to give up and not be discouraged by little setbacks while fostering confidence in themselves and their talents.

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HELLO HAIR: 100 different hairstyles! by Anita Grant

Join Tiana, Tamia, Jade and Liz as they discover the versatility of Black Hair ! Hello Hair features 100 illustrated children’s hairstyles ranging from afros, braids, twists, locs and more!

Through visual representation, Hello Hair picture book encourages black girls to learn, love and build a relationship with their crown!

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Daddy Goes To Hair School by Barbara Hinyard

Ava mom goes out of town and her hair is a mess her dad freaks out because he doesn’t know how to do her hair so he enrolls in hair school to learn how to do different hair styles and to educate himself on how to do his daughters hair.

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Magic Crown by Modinat Ogunnaike

Four young girls from diverse backgrounds cross paths and realize they have more in common than what they may think, and it’s their Magic Crowns! Curly, straight, kinky, short, long, brown, or red, they learn to embrace how special and magical they all are through adventure and discovery.