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Hattie the Hair Chemist by Mrs India Butts

HATTIE THE HAIR CHEMIST is an innovative and interactive book that teaches kids that life has its ups and downs, but they can deal with them better if they believe in their dreams and can handle challenging situations. With charming illustrations and a relatable tale, it teaches preschoolers and elementary-aged kids never to give up and not be discouraged by little setbacks while fostering confidence in themselves and their talents.

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Mommy Because of You I love my Hair! by Ashley & Nylah-Rose

Mommy Because Of You I love My hair teaches children self confidence by empowering them to love their hair which is very important in today’s world and it starts with our children. What is taught to them at home can set the foundation for success in the world.
The more they feel love, know love, and love themselves, EVERYTHING about themselves, they will always thrive. Nylah-Rose mom noticed that every time she did her hair and told her daily how beautiful and smart she was she became more confident in herself and her appearance.

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Ebony and Her Crown by Nicole Marshall

This story was written to inspire young children to love the skin they’re in. Ebony and her crown highlight the perspective of a curious toddler having a big afro and is uncertain about the nature of her hair. Ebony then turns to her mother for answers. In this mother daughter duo, Ebony’s mother helps her to understand that her hair is meant to be big and wild, and she should wear it with pride. This book is a reminder that social conditioning starts when you are young and follows you into your adult years. When children are able see themselves represented as the main characters in books and television shows, the experience can boost self-esteem and self-worth. Lack of representation can be harmful to a child and can impact their self-image and how they interact with others. A positive self-image can boost our mental, social, and emotional well-being.

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My Beautiful Curly Hair by Kiana Holder, Arya Holder

This is a story about a little girl who struggles with keeping her hair neat all the time, but grows to love and accept her wild and messy hair.
Kiana and Arya think having messy hair is more fun. Keeping your hair neat all the time is a lot of work.