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Mia’s Mask by Monica L. Woodard

Mia’s Mask is a rhyming story about a young girl adjusting to wearing a face mask. Mia started wearing a mask due to the global pandemic, COVID-19. She had to learn to wear it properly, and there is no in-between. Where does she go? What does she do? No matter what, she wears her mask for her safety and for your protection too!

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The Bravest Kids on the Block by Safe Space Books

Children’s book that features 9 relatable short stories of typical struggles faced during the COVID-19 pandemic in a politics-free and stress-free manner.

What makes our book special is that these struggles are portrayed through the perspectives of young children. Each story also features discussion questions at the end to encourage meaningful discussions between you and the children in your life.

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Understanding Covid-19 with your family: staying home By ZuZu Ismail

“Understanding Covid-19 with your family: staying home” is book 2 in the “Understanding Covid-19 ” series. Book 2 focuses on introducing emotional and life tragedy too children with regards to the pandemic and losing family to sudden life events. Book 2 also focuses on family bonding and addressing the stresses of staying home with your family during the covid-19 shutdown

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Understanding COVID-19 with your Teacher: A long spring break By ZuZu Ismail

A guide to understanding COVID-19 with fictional characters, for small children and students in virtual learning with teachers and parents.