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When Santa Lost His Compass: Adventures of little Diana

Christmas is coming, but on his way Santa Clause has lost his magic compass. How Santa Clause will find the way to give presents to all the children? A small but kind girl Diana has to help Santa to save Christmas so that all the kids get their presents in time. Magic lives in all of us when we believe in goodness.

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Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles: December Celebrations by Terance Shipman

When Dewayne, a precocious kindergartner rushes in the kitchen after school waving a letter from his teacher about the December celebration, his sister Banicia and mother help him understand what’s about to happen. An entertaining story of the wonder and excitement, join Banaica as she recalls the December celebrations in Mr. Shipman’s classroom the favorite time of the year.

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The Christmas Spider by Miriam Monette

“Alonso was a spider, searching for a home,

So he packed up his belongings, and on the road began to roam.”

It’s a busy night in ancient Bethlehem, and Alonso, the traveling spider, is looking for a place to stay. It’s so crowded… will he find a place to rest?

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All The Thanks By Kori Peters

All the Thanks is a picture book that starts the day after Christmas

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KidlioMag December Edition

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