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The Hawk and the Hummingbird And the Clock by J S Clawson

Why is it so quiet on the small island? Where is everyone?

Best friends Ruby and Red have a mystery on their hands. They will have to depend on their island friends to solve the odd mystery together.

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Peewee the Potoo and the Not Really All That Great Day by Bloob

A beautifully illustrated, and playfully written children’s book, Peewee the Potoo and the not really all that great day is about learning to appreciate and find enjoyment on life’s rainy days.

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Somewhere in the bosque, in the open spaces near the Rio Grande, lives a covey of quail . . .

The flamboyant Federico loves the spotlight, and frequently regales the covey with his exaggerated tales of daring. In this episode, Federico captures the attention of his audience with an inflated story of his bravery on the Rio Grande. Without warning, he is interrupted by the announcement of ripe hackberries. Left without an audience, Federico stomps off and accidentally stumbles onto something that might recapture his friends’ attention—well maybe. What he finds might teach him that truth can be incredible on its own. He just needs to convince his friends he’s not exaggerating.

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Barb the Bird of Hope by Zowie Norris

A story of friendship, acceptance and hope. In a laburnum tree in the Centre of Bretton Park, lives a unique bird called Barb. Her beauty and originality attract the attention of the other birds and park visitors, who see her as a symbol of hope, bringing them much comfort and happiness. She is loved by many and in return is grateful for her life and her friends. When things take a turn for the worst, Barb’s instinct is to fly away from her troubles … Will things get better? Can hope be restored?

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A Little Bird Holiday by Loni Hoots

Piles of snow have taken over Little Bird’s town, and while it is chilly he doesn’t let it get him down. Instead during this holiday season Little Bird and his friends have taken it upon themselves to make the most of it. Building a snow castle, having snow fights, and even making new friends are the adventures Little Bird will have in this fairytale-like holiday special.