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Way Of The Heart Warriors by Simon Calnan

Way is a mighty warrior who was tired of always fighting when he sees a vision of warriors using their hearts instead of only their fists.
Creating a heart mojo dojo where he teaches children a special heart meditation.

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Eli Finds His Zen by Ginette Valiquette

Eli isn’t your typical German Shorthaired Pointer. He discovers early on that he doesn’t enjoy the usual Pointer activities. Joining in his mom’s yoga classes, Eli learns to stay present and grounded through his breath, to honour his true self, and he learns to let his light shine brightly. Join us as Eli shares what he has learned about finding his Zen while being mindful on his red yoga mat.

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Ring Tail Raffi: Mindfulness in Madagascar by Shari LaRosa

Ring Tail Raffi is a story about a Lemur with anxiety who ventures on a life changing journey, ultimately learning mindfulness skills to cope with his worries and fears. This story introduces young minds to beginner’s mindfulness concepts, followed by interactive questions fostering dialogue between children and caregivers such as parents, teachers or therapists. For all those interested in nature and animals, we also learn some fun facts. Let’s experience learning Mindfulness in Madagascar with this lovable Lemur!