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August or Forever by Ona Gritz

Ten-year-old Molly has always loved having a sister, but sisters are supposed to live together, right? Molly certainly thinks so. Unfortunately, her older half-sister Alison lives on a whole other continent. Their video chats are great, and Molly is thrilled when Alison’s hand-written letters arrive in the mail like surprise gifts. Still, it’s not enough, not compared to what other siblings have. That’s why when Molly finds out that Alison is finally coming to visit over the summer, she devises a plan she’s sure will get her sister to stay. But then Alison arrives with plans of her own, a fragile heart gets broken, and Molly stumbles upon a painful piece of her sister’s past. Molly has always loved having a sister, but this is the August when she’ll learn what it really means to be one.

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Serenity and Annabelle are no ordinary sisters — they’re secret superheroes!
After discovering their special powers, the sisters dedicate their spare time to helping those in trouble, whilst also keeping their identities a secret. But Serenity and Annabelle soon find out that they will have to face something much bigger than petty criminals. A dark evil has spread across the globe, with a name so fearsome that the entire world fears it. The Soul Destroyer!
Will Serenity and Annabelle be able to stop it before it’s too late? Or will the evil enemy remain no matter what they do?

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The Sisterhood Bond by Angela Byerson

In sisterhood always remember that you are loved,
you never have to stand alone, and you always have
someone who has your back.

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Because of H.E.R. by Jamilah F. Bashir

Growing up with a sibling that has a disability is not easy. At times Jamilah felt frustrated, sad, and embarrassed of her little sister Aasiyah, and her limitations. Having to help her tie her shoes, get dressed, and look out for her, could be overwhelming. Through the experience she grew a deep connection with her sister as her protector and friend. Jamilah’s journey growing up with her sister would shape how she would impact the world in later years. Join her as she shares her amazing story, Because of H.E.R. written to help others who find themselves facing the same challenges.