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Magic and Me by Julia Hall

Amelia has a secret – she can’t do magic!

So when she is forced to stay at the castle with other children that can, she realises how much danger she really is in. She must escape before she is found out!

On her journey to freedom, Amelia makes some very unexpected friends. Maybe saving herself isn’t enough, maybe there is a way to save the whole kingdom?

‘Magic and Me’ is a unique story full of magic and magical creatures. It follows a young 12-year-old girl, Amelia in her quest to discover who she is. With her friends, they develop a dangerous plan that could lead them to freedom or to death.

This is a story of adventure, bravery and friendship that children will enjoy reading time and time again.

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Maia and the Magical Acorns by Brittany Wilson

Maia lives in a city filled with sadness and there is only one way that she feels she can bring happiness back to the city…


Follow Maia on her journey to Acornucopia as she thinks about what she will do with her magic along the way!

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The Phoenix Son by Braylen Rimmer

Braylen hopes that this book will entertain you and leave you wanting to know more about the land and the people. As you turn the pages, prepare for the adventure of THE PHOENIX SON!

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Magic Word By Erica Asare

This book is about a girl called Sophie, who is very impatient. In the story, as Sophie goes into a flower shop with her mum, she sees a plant pot which she really wants and requests that her mum buy it. Sophies’ mum does not buy the plant pot, because she wants to teach her how to have patience while she waits for Sophie to say the magic word “PLEASE!”.