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Roar A Saur by Kathryn Mulqueeney

You are invited to join in an interactive and engaging Dinosaur Class, where little dinosaurs practice all the roars, make all the noise, and have all the fun!

Roar A Saur is a fabulously fun, super simple and very LOUD roar of a story.

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Dinosaurs Don’t Play Soccer by Melissa Cenatiempo

Can a dinosaur play soccer? Dinosaur Dan is a young dinosaur who has excelled at all dinosaur activities: diving, drilling, and dump truck driving. His parents are extremely proud of his achievements and know he will go far in life. Despite his many successes, Dinosaur Dan is plagued by his dream to play soccer.

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Dino-Mite! by Stephanie Nhan Justin McDonough

Larry is a Tyrannosaurus. Joe is a Pterodactyl. Joe made up a brand new dance that he can’t wait to share with his best friend Larry. Not to be outdone, Larry decides to make up his own dance – and that’s when things get crazy! Join this adorable duo on their hilarious prehistoric adventure as they share their brand new moves and grooves with the world. It’s Dino-Mite!