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The girl that found her confidence by Ruth E. LORMENYO

A little girl, Yaa Asantewaa, doubted her capabilities and was scared to dance at a school recital. Her mum tells her the story of a powerful and brave African Queen Mother to encourage her to dance and face her fears.

Will she find her confidence and dance at the recital?

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Dancing Deepa by Suchi Sairam

Deepa LOVES to dance. She studies a dance from India called Bharatanatyam that is like moving poetry! But since her dance is different from what her friends at school do, she isn’t sure if she should share it. Is there someone like Deepa in your class at school? What passion might you two share? Read to find out how you two are alike, how you are different, and how you could be friends to one another.

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Dancing Shapes: Ballet and Body Awareness for Young Dancers by Once Upon a Dance

Dancing Shapes provides an inside gorgeous glimpse into one ballerina’s journey. Konora, whose career has been sidelined by COVID-19, leads readers through warm-up steps, a basic ballet technique lesson, and an exploration of movement and form.