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The Pixies Plan Christmas by Cheryl Latham

The Pixies are fed up being left out of Christmas preparations each year by Santa and the elves, so they craft a cunning plan to make Santa late and wreak havoc on the world’s children. They travel the globe, eating everything left out for Santa and putting Pixie dust into stockings so that on Christmas morning, the dust will transform into whatever the child fears most.

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Lou the Big Horned Rhino by Papa Moose

From Papa Moose, the author of Bucky the Sweet Toothed Beaver, comes this delightful tale of a mighty rhino who has to learn to lead with his heart. With its stunning illustrations and lively rhyme, Lou the Big Horned Rhino is sure to delight children, parents and teachers alike.

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Dr.Santa & The Miracle Makers by Mila Olumogba

On a cold December day, a baby boy named Yooku falls very sick. He is rushed to the hospital by his mom and dad. As soon as he arrives at the hospital, he is taken in to see the doctor. It is obvious from his first examination that he would be admitted to the hospital. With hope slowly fading, his parents decide to call Santa to help the understaffed hospital. Santa answers their call right away (as he does for all true believers) and happily agrees to help. Whenever Santa gets a call about a sick child at Christmas, he turns into Dr. Santa and gathers his elite Christmas team.

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Princess Wigglebottom and the Forgotten Christmas by Tia Martina

After rising early on Christmas morning, Princess Wigglebottom fears she has been forgotten as she makes a mess of the presents under the tree. After sniffing various boxes and engaging in a little mischief, we are all reminded that the most important present on any holiday is the gift of family and love.

Written by Tia Martina and illustrated by Patrick Laurent, Princess Wigglebottom and the Forgotten Christmas is the first book of an ongoing series in which we are introduced to a family’s beloved golden retriever, Princess Wigglebottom.

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Charlie Bubbles, Search For Santa! by Paul Carafotes

Charlie and his pet dog Zena live in Southern California and in this story something strange is happening – it is snowing! Charlie is confused and discusses his thoughts with his Dad, even approaching
the question of whether Santa Claus is real. With kind supportive words his Dad reassures Charlie, “you have to believe to receive.” His courage and his pursuit of the truth will be tested.

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The Great Christmas Heist! by Joe Woodley

Thomas and Claire want all the Christmas toys for themselves. But they set out a fantastical adventure that leads them to discover the Christmas spirit.

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Bertie’s Christmas Adventure by Mandy Woolf

It’s Christmas Eve and everyone is buzzing, everyone except Bertie, who’s too nervous to join in the fun.
But when Santa shows up with a surprising request, Bertie will have to discover his courage – or risk keeping Santa from his delivery route.
This is the second book in the Toy Library collection, a series that models self-confidence, friendship and the beauty of kindness.

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A Fine Line Between Naughty and Nice by Jerry McGehee

That’s the situation Joni, a mischievous elf from Christmas Town, is about to face. She has a secret dream. If she is successful, not only will she make one little girl’s Christmas the most magical ever, but she will also achieve her lifelong quest for adventure. She’s in a race against time. Will she be able to put all the clues together and figure out how to make her dream and Elizabeth’s come true? Or will she wind up on the Naughty list forever and be the reason Elizabeth stops believing in Santa? Joni wants nothing more than to be on the Nice list. She struggles with the whole naughty-and-nice thing. Sometime it seems like things start out as nice but, depending on the outcome, could be perceived as naughty. How can something be both naughty and nice at the same time?

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A Brown Girl’s Christmas Story by Alexandria Tate

A Brown Girl’s Christmas Story takes you on a heart-warming journey through the eyes of little Allison as she fondly recounts her Christmas and family’s traditions.

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The Elves Are Coming to Town by Kenise Brown

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa is not feeling well. There’s a lot of presents and not enough time before morning. It’s now up to the Elves to race before time and bring in the holiday celebration