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The Elephant that Wanted to Dance by Despina Mavridou

Baby elephant wants to be a dancer, but he doesn’t know how to dance and he is afraid to perform in public.

He takes part in a dance show at school because he wants to prove that he can do it. He puts his mind to it and works hard on his dance moves, but on performance day, he takes an embarrassing fall. Will he find the courage to get back up and perform in front of his friends and family?

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The Silly Goose’s Excuse by Maria Mavroenidis

Only for Open Minded Children!

Children who fear failure are holding themselves back

The Silly Goose’s Excuse is a fantastic bedtime journey featuring colourful illustrations and fun and corky monsters like the “Helicopter Squid”, the “Cotton Sweet Sheep” and much more! Now here comes the good part.

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Brave by Kathleen Davis

BRAVE is a bedtime book meant to encourage children to be brave at bedtime and always. Its rhyming pattern will help children easily remember that they have nothing to fear at night, they are safe, and they are loved.