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The Adventures of Mansa & YaYa by Niya S Johnson

Journey with Mansa and YaYa as they visit the library and read about incredible kings and queens who changed the world. Mansa feels empowered as he learns how rich and royal his history is.

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Yarrie’s ABCs Of Black History by Tamika Vantifflin

Yarrie’s ABCs of Black History is an inspirational and empowering book for readers of all ages. A story of a young Black Girl and her classroom project, the narrative focuses on important Black figures from history, ranging from NASA Mathematician Dorothy Vaughan to legendary musician Nat King Cole.

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KidlioMag Black History Month (February) Edition

February is Black History Month and brings several
excellent excuses to partake of life’s best things:
celebrations of love, civil rights achievements, and
Nutella day.
We dedicated this month’s edition to Black history
and incorporated books, articles, games, and activities
that promote love, diversity, and inclusion. I
hope you all will like it, and please share your feedback
at kidliomag@gmail.com
Love & Peace

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Josephine’s Black Box by Nastalgia A. Jenkins

Josephine’s Black Box by Nastalgia A. Jenkins 

Josephine’s Black Box is a heartfelt read about a black family and how they survived in the world of uncertainty, social inequity, and racial discrimination.

Josephine, a mother of four, worked as a teacher in the Billers-Ville Elementary School for Negros. After her husband’s demise in the war, she finds her strength through her children and faith. She managed all children by herself and always encouraged them to respect each other’s culture, follow their dreams, and be proud of their father and the work he did for the rights of African-American people.

She worries about her eldest son, Billy Ray, who is more like her husband, but some kids bully him all the time, and one day, Billy goes missing, and Josephine finds him on the side of the road, all bloody. 

Read this book to know, despite the pain in her heart, how Josephine copes with the challenges and teaches her children that they are capable of making this world a better place to live, where everyone should be treated equally.  

Josephine’s Black Box explores sentiments, thoughtfulness, and worries from a mother’s perspective and, at the same time, shows the strength of a mother.

Pages 52

Perfect for 8+

Grab your copy from Amazon.

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Juneteenth! A Celebration by Courtney Juste

Juneteenth! A Celebration- is a vocabulary rich introduction to he holiday. With vibrant illustrations it is great for storytimes or for older readers to spark discussions about American history.