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Did You Say Baby? by Kelly Melton

Did You Say Baby? is a book about Raylan’s emotions as he prepares for his new sibling to arrive. Raylan has been an only child for six years and now his mother is having a baby. He isn’t thrilled about having a sibling, because that means change. How will things change when a baby comes? What will remain the same? Raylan thinks about how great his relationship is with his parents, and all the great things they do together. Raylan also thinks about having to share his time and helping take care of the baby. In the end, he realizes there is value in being a big brother. He becomes excited about his journey when he lays his eyes on his new baby sister!

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Baby Worries by Frances Mackay

Baby Worries is about a baby who meets his extended family for the first time and starts to worry about what he might look like when he grows up.

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Ellie Meets the New Baby by Paula M Karll

It is important for parents to communicate with their older children to help them adapt and adjust to a new sibling. Caring for and nurturing the older sibling is just as important as caring for the new baby.

In Ellie Meets the New Baby, Ellie struggles with embracing her new sister. As Mom and Dad encourage Ellie and communicate the baby’s needs to her, she starts to learn and enjoy being a big sister.