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Alex and the Amazing Catventures by Pavel Cerny

Two things happen to six-year-old Alex just before Christmas: he finds out that he will become a big brother, and his cat, White Bim, starts talking

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Ntombi’s Happy Holiday Adventure By Nia Young

From the Ntombi Adventures series, join Ntombi, the Adventurous Monkey this holiday season as she finds out the true meaning of giving. Enjoying a holiday evening with friends, Ntombi discovers someone who’s in need. Will she be able to help her newfound friend?

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Yuka’s Way Home By Abigail Roscoe

Yuka’s Way Home is a story about courage and perseverance, old friends and new ones, as well as fresh beginnings

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Santa Fell Asleep in My House By M E Johansson

What if Santa Claus fell asleep in your house? Would anyone believe you?