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Jane Escapes to the Jungle of Individuality by Jennifer Nestor

This heartfelt adventure follows a young girl named Jane as she tries to navigate the challenge of feeling different in her own skin while experiencing bullying at school. Though she is soft-spoken and quirky on the outside, she struggles on the inside‚ÄĒdesperately wanting to belong. Escaping from an uncomfortable moment on the school bus, Jane has a vivid daydream where she enters the Jungle of Individuality: a place filled with animals who all have unique characteristics just like herself. As she embarks on an incredible journey of self-discovery with some new friends, she quickly realizes her individuality is something she should embrace while also learning self-compassion and to be brave when things get tough.

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Being Different is Great! by Alexis Stewart

Zyra is excited about the new school year and the friends she met at recess. As she explores the playground, Zyra soon discovers that her friends are being bullied. Zyra and her friends learn that being different is great, being unique serves a purpose, and that apologies are important.

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How Tall Will I Be? by Shanequa Waison-Rattray

Amir is the smallest in his family. He just wants to be able to do what everyone else does, but he is too small. He thinks of all the things he can do when he is tall. For now, though, he learns an important lesson: that everything happens with time. This story will teach readers to appreciate who they are the way they are.

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Our Unique Selves by Belinda Kidd

Meet an eight-year-old girl who tells her story about how she has worked through some of life’s challenges and overcome these barriers, while working towards reaching her goals and creating positive outcomes. The story recognises the important role each person plays in this journey.