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Adventures of Unicorn and Friends by Dr. Jonas Rockhold

Our world can be very challenging every day. Anabelle and her friends approach these challenges face to face. They teach us how to recognize the power that each individual holds to enact positive change. Anabelle and her friends are on a mission to help others.

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Ulysses and Peg by T.M. Blake

Ulysses the unicorn and Peg the pegasus are the best of friends. They both look like horses, but they each have something horses don’t. Ulysses has a horn, and Peg has wings. Ulysses wishes that he had wings so that he could fly like Peg. But Peg helps him to see just how beautiful and special he is.

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The Snoring Unicorn by C. A. Rand

Far beyond the horizon, there is a beautiful Enchanted Forest. The creatures who live there have nothing to fear or be scared of, because the beautiful Wizard of the North Mountain Lake protects them. But there is also a monstrous, evil Ghoul who along with his trolls, want the Enchanted Forest for themselves. They are evil and will stop at nothing to get the Forest.

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My Magical Brown Unicorn By Ren Lowe, Kameryn Lowe

Get ready to join the magical world of Kam, a cute little Brown girl, and a unicorn named Sugar Pie.