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Fairies in the Garden: Lola’s Adventures by Ennes Higgins

Lola is the smartest eight-year-old she herself has ever met. With her sharp mind, she approaches every situation logically and analyses the facts before making any decisions. Sometimes, she gets upset because some of the other kids make fun of her for being smart. Obviously, they’re just jealous. But it still hurts. Because Lola is so smart, she often finds it difficult to bond with children her own age as she struggles to engage in creative play.

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The Fairies Are Watching You by Julia Hall

Tania is not a good fairy. She delights in making humans miserable. As her plan to upset the human world starts to unfold, she finds herself not as happy as she thought she would be. Was it meeting a child ~ one just like you, that puts doubts in her mind? Will she continue with her evil plan or stop before it’s too late? The Fairies Are Watching You is a unique story that children will love to hear and adults will enjoy reading. It is told by a mischievous fairy called Tania, who loves to make humans unhappy. We follow her in her life to cause mayhem but there are a few surprises along the way…With gorgeous illustrations that really bring the fairy world to life, this is a story that your children will love to engage in time and time again.

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Kamari Loses a Tooth by Kendra Thomas

A Little girl name Kamari learns about the importance of losing her teeth. Go on an adventure with Kamari as she learns it is okay to lose her teeth.