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Potty Project: Let’s Learn Together! by Nicole Minard

This charming book takes kids through the steps of potty training, from gathering materials to celebrating success. It’s a perfect companion for parents and caregivers looking to make the potty training experience positive and enjoyable. “Potty Project” encourages persistence, learning, and, most importantly, the joy of growing up.

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The Adventure of Wiping by Samuel Elkhoury

Attention first-time (and experienced) parents!
It’s a big deal to learn the signs of when your child has to go, and teaching them how to wipe can be a struggle.

But fear not, this picture book will take you through the great post-diaper adventure.

Adding humor to a messy situation will guarantee a positive outcome.

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Surprise!: It’s Just Pee by La Manda Jeannine Davis

Feline character Tangerine uses her special way of communication to express her true feeling, and learns just how special she really is through potty training..Surprise! It’s Just Pee.