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Bella Dreams of Whipped Cream by Diane Petrozzo

Bella, a curious twelve-year-old Golden Retriever, stumbles across her neighbor dog devouring whipped cream. Ever since that day, she dreams about tasting that special, white, fluffy treat. When her family moves away, Bella is taken to an animal shelter. As the days and weeks go by, whipped cream seems further out of reach than ever before. Will someone rescue her from the shelter and make her sweetest dream ever come true?

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Nobody’s Nola by Heather & Emil Gretarsson

Nobody’s Nola is a heartwarming story for anyone whose heart has ached for a place to belong. Based on a true story, this “tail” follows a special little puppy facing big disappointments who keeps hoping her dreams will come true.

Follow along to see if Nola finds anyone as committed to loving her as she is to loving them…even if she hasn’t met them yet.

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The Adventures of Vylette Bunny and Friends: Michie on a Mission by Michelle Crichton

Follow the adventures as Michie, Vylette and Chocolat are reunited once again!

The Adventures of Vylette Bunny and Friends: Michie on a Mission is the second book in the “The Adventures of Vylette and Michie” series. Caring Michie encounters a friendly but independent neighbourhood tabby called “Tuffy”. As her curiosity takes over, she encourages her family to help her find him a “fur-ever” home. Another exciting adventure begins where she uses her natural creativity, clever problem-solving skills, and intuitive awareness to help Tuffy.

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Clara & Mr. Milo’s Adventures: Going to the Pet Shelter by Clara Donis-Girma

Clara is excited to find her first pet. What pet will she choose at the pet shelter? Follow Clara & Mr. Milo’s Adventures Series to find out! This is a heartwarming personal story that hopes to inspire pet adoption and educate children about the responsible caretaking of a pet.