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Ninja Brownies by Arian T. Moore

Brownies, ninjas, and battles! Ninja Brownies brings readers into the world of three brothers, exploring concepts of family and teamwork. The story also introduces readers to entrepreneurship with an ounce of suspense and loads of enjoyment. It’s a classic story about an African-American family, full of excitement, culture, love . . . and a special kick. You’re in for a treat!

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Brook and Brax: Undercover Ninjas by Antonio Lumley

Brook & Brax face a terrifying reality. Everyday, on their way home from school, they are cornered by bullies Puke and Lil Dumps, who threaten and hurt them. The boys always run and hide to escape further punishment, but one day, something extraordinary happens. While hiding, they are discovered by Sensei Iron Post, a teacher who would change their lives forever.

Hello World!Free Kindle Days! 15th to 19th June

Come! Watch your little ones learn how to say "Hello" in eleven different languages from around the world. This illustrated educational book celebrates children from eleven multicultural countries and is a great introduction to the joy of language in early childhood.